Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday's hot topics - The Dead Sea Scrolls

Last year when I was in Israel we went to the site of an amazing biblical archaeological find - Quamran - a series of caves close to the "Dead Sea". In these caves a young boy found some clay pots full of Biblical manuscripts, dating back to the first century, which became known as "the dead sea scrolls". They were in near perfect condition and have provided one of the best set of manuscripts and proof for the Bible in recent history.

On the discussion forum "InHimAlone" asks a good question about these scrolls and what impact they should have on Christians today - here:
What bearing should the Dead Sea Scrolls Hebrew Scriptures or the Greek Septuagint be given for the purposes of study, exegesis or teaching the word of God?
Can we be satisfied with our modern English translations or should we be striving to learn the biblical languages?

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