Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Chronicles of Kythnos - V2 - Arrival and Porto Astro

Well I finally figured out the internet here on the Island of Kythnos! I bought an internet phone card and have been reduced to dial-up. For this entry I'm going to take it back a bit to last week when we arrived. Here is a picture of Olivia, she did great on the flight! We were greeted at the Athens airport by our friend Debbie and the HM bus, which picked us up and drove us to Hellenic Ministries seaside property, Porto Astro. For 3 days we had orientation, worship, seminars, workshops, swimming and enjoying the beautiful view. There were over 200 people attending from about 25 countries! On the final night there was a commissioning service where the guest speaker Peter Grant commissioned us all after we had shared communion. We then gathered in our teams and prayed before heading off to our islands! It's encouraging to think that while we are here on Kythnos there are other teams proclaiming the name of Jesus all over the Greek Islands!!
Here is a short video I took, which only took 45 minutes to upload on this sweet dial up connection :) Hopefully I'll be able to upload some more videos and pictures soon.

Please keep praying as we will be going out tonight to the town of Dyopidra to share the love of Jesus!

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