Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday's hot topics - What is worship?

Every Monday I'll post a "hot topic" from the discussion forum. This week it's Easter so I'm in "long weekend" mode. I'll start by posting a comment from a new user named Paul - here:
I love the positive flavour this board has. In my wildest dreams I could see such a board as being a principle engine for revival of the brethren view worldwide.
Sweet. Thanks Paul, glad to have you on board! We pray that the forum would accomplish just that.

Now the hot topics I'd like to mention this morning are quite different. I've given you two incase one is too hot for some. The first is something that Hannah raised, which sparked some discussion, called "What is worship"? She writes
I was taught that the Breaking of Bread is the worship service...But why on a Lord's Day morning do we always keep inside this devotional sphere, with our solemn heads bowed. And if a praise hymn is announced why do we still not break the mood but continue in the same way, as though to smile would somehow be out of keeping to the solemnity of the worship? Where does the praise part come in? Why is the joy not there on a Sunday morning? "Praise Him, praise Him cheerfully" is sung in the same vein as "Man of Sorrows." Can anyone else identify with this? Is this devotion all there is to worship? How about praise?
Those are some very good questions Hannah, and some folks have provided some good answers on that topic. Now this week the hottest topic was about Marijuana - here and what Christians would do if it was legalized. Would it then be OK "in moderation", like alcohol? Would it still be wrong? What if only for medicinal purposes? Lots of interesting twists in that topic - here. The question I usually get from teens is "
Why did God create Marijuana if he didn't want us to smoke it?"
Let us know your thoughts on these two topics on the discussion forum!

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