Friday, April 28, 2006

Another shooting

details soon. please pray. I was dropping off a few boys tonight after youth when ambulances, police and fire trucks surrounded the area. some of the boys are still at our house waiting till things settle down before going home. please pray. some of our guys were at the house where it happened and are quite shook up. more details soon.

**UPDATE** Things have settled down a bit, however some of the guys who have been coming to church were at the house where it happened. Here are some news articles:City Pulse, AM640, 680news.It was quite strange being right there when the ambulances, police and fire trucks arrived. Also there was a special police unit that came with SWAT-team like weapons and that really freaked me out seeing about 10 cops with M16s walking around the block. I guess that's the procedure, but it was freaky.

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