Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday's hot topics - Dispensationalism

Are you an Acts 2 or Acts 9 dispensationalist? Have you ever heard of an Acts 9 dispensationalist? Neither had many of us until sunshine introduced us to it last month! Since then there has been some interesting discussions - here on the forum

Not sure what dispensationalism is? Want a hotter topic? Gravity boy introduced me to a site where Jesus is battling superheroes! Who do you think would win if Jesus fought Superman? How about Darth Vader? -> Click here <- to find out! (I've moved the cartoon to the forum)

***For those who might be offended by the cartoons I offer my apologies, and am interested in your reasons. Hopefully we can be reasonable. As stated in the comments, my reasons for posting them were:
1) Jesus is depicted as victorious in each fight, showing his power!!
2) Jesus is shown as having divine attributes, far superior to mere superheros
3) When Jesus returns he will bring vengeance upon his enemies - here, therefore I did not see it as being any more bloody than the book of Revelation - here. If anything it shows that no one real or fictional can defeat him, therefore it is a good idea to believe in him now, before he returns!!

The issue is open for further discussion on the forum or in the comments. I really would appreciate a follow up post from those who were offended so this can be resolved and we can show the world that cartoon depictions of our leader are not cause for strife.

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Anonymous said...

See Google, then see "Pretrib Rapture Diehards" if you think you've seen everything there is to see about 19th century Darbyist dispensationalism. "Being astounded" will prove to be a huge understatement!