Friday, February 10, 2006

"Our officers are traumatized"

It's 12:30AM right now and i was on MSN with a few people when Clayon came online. You may remember Clayon, who's picture is below, as a man was shot and killed 2 doors down from him in November. He simply said:
shawn some people got killed in the hood today, three people
I rushed to google and searched for "chester le", the government housing area where Clayon and most of our youth come from, across from the chapel. I was not expecting this:
The bloody basement on Chester Le Blvd. has left seasoned officers so shaken, some of them had to leave the area.

"We're dealing with a horrific scene. Our officers are traumatized by what they've run into here," said 42 Division Superintendent Gary Ellis.

When asked about the scene's appearance, one visibly shaken officer said "I can't tell you right now, I'll break down."
Please pray for this area we live in, the youth who come to the church who live one block away from this tragedy. I'm not sure what to say right now. Just pray.

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