Thursday, February 02, 2006

Need a title v3

Chatting about Greece with Len has made me think about Greece...alot. Thinking about Greece made me look at pictures of Greece. So many memories. One that stuck out to me was this picture on the left. It's a picture of Sylas riding on a toy car. It was taken while camping on our island Evia. During the Olympic outreach each team chose a different Greek Island, our Island was Evia. On that Island we got a call from a wonderful Christian family who offered for us to come up the coast and stay with them. They provided tents, mattresses and blankets and we camped out in their backyard. Each day we covered the countryside with Bible's, and at night we would retire to their wonderful home. It was an amazing experience and display of hospitality. The couple had a little boy, and one day the wife (Christina - in the picture) thought she'd give Sylas a ride on his toy jeep. And man did he love that. He went crazy, shrieking for joy so we grabbed the camera and snapped this picture. Can you think of a good title?

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