Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday's hot topics - BrethrenPedia

Over the past 3 months my good friend Noel Bondt, and others have been chipping away at a little project called the "BrethrenPedia". We first introduced it to the public on the forum and on the blog here at the end of December. For those who haven't visited the site, BrethrenPedia is a collaborative website project (called a "wiki" - see "Wikipedia") with the goal of "documenting the history of the Plymouth Brethren movement, one assembly at a time". While this may seem like a huge task, it really is not because of the collaborative nature of the "wiki" software used for the site. Anyone is free to edit or add info. Anyone. Because of this the BrethrenPedia is open to anyone from any assembly editing or adding any info. I know what you're thinking and yes this leaves the door open for "spam" and inappropriate edits called "vandalism", which wasn't a problem when the site was virtually unknown. But since rolling it out in December other have been trying their hand at adding info and BrethrenPedia is now in the top 20 in a search for Plymouth Brethren. This means the site is getting "hot" and we are now being vandalised consistently! This is why todays "hot topic" is the BrethrenPedia! To be vandalised means we are on the map! :) Thanks especially to Noel who recently finished all of the Canadian assemblies and is pressing on to dig up as much as he can about our brethren neighbours to the south.

You can help us in this task! If you attend a brethren assembly, or have any info on anything related in any way to the plymouth brethren, then go to the BrethrenPedia - here and start editing. If you're a bit shy at first, it's OK you can go to the sandbox and play around with your editing skills in a test environment before trying to add anything important. We look forward to more "heat" as people begin to add and edit info frequently! Get Wikified!!

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