Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The sayings of Lukas v7 - The wisdom of Solomon

Alright, while we wait to see if anyone will attempt the impossible athensBlog one year anniversay contest - here, I thought I'd post another edition of "The sayings of Lukas". Soon we may also be having "The sayings of Sylas" as he is beginning to string together words like "no poop", "me daddy" and my favorite so far "luka head", while preparing to pour a pail of water over Luke's head :)

This edition focuses on Lukas' growing biblical understanding:

Daddy: So God chose a king for Isreal. His name was Saul...
Lukas: Daddy, what is Saul's last name?
Daddy: uh....

Later on...

Daddy: One night God asked Solomon "What would you like to have Solomon?". Solomon said "I just want to be wise". What would you say if God said to you "what would you like to have Lukas"?
Lukas: (excitedly!) A bear!!

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