Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Doctrinal Goon-fest?

Saw this strange article on CBC about a hockey "goon" competition and it made me laugh.
Hockey goon competition given green light
Tue, 28 Jun 2005 15:31:30 EDT

Fearful of a legal reprisal, officials in a northern B.C. community have backed down and will allow a controversial hockey fight competition to take place after all.

On Monday, Prince George's city council gave the green light to the "Battle of the Hockey Enforcers." The competition will feature hockey "goons" fighting on ice in a series of one-minute bouts without any hockey being played.
What a strange event. I had to laugh at the last line "without any hockey being played". It made me think that sometimes we can be like this as Christians. We get so caught up fighting one another and seeing who is smartest, or quickest with a bible verse, or has the best doctrines that we miss the whole point and spend our time trying to win fights with each other instead of "playing the game" that God has for us. He has a comission for us, and it's been such a contrast this past week seeing Matt & Ruth Cook, and their team, actually getting on with "playing the game".

Let's get on with it, and not spend all our time on these petty doctrinal goon-fests. As Rey says:
Drop the name calling. Drop the charges against each other. Drop the mindless repeated proof-texting. In these conversations weve seen the same thing, over and over and over and over again. Its the same junk and it merely illustrates our vanity that we think we have it (or dont have it).
We have a world to reach, we have a life to live, let's put down our gloves, pick up our sticks and play like a team.

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