Sunday, July 31, 2005

More from the neighbourhood

On the way home tonight I wanted to cash a cheque, so we pulled into the local CIBC, located at Warden & Finch here in Scarborough. My first clue that I wouldn't be able to do my banking at this location was the 2 cop cars and police tape blocking the entrance. Not only is this the plaza where we do our banking, but it's also where our family doctor's office is. Now I had heard earlier that there was a shooting near Warden & Finch, which is the next intersection over from the chapel, but I didn't realize how close it was. As the article says:
Very little is being released about another shooting in Scarborough, but police say the Homicide Squad was called in after cops responded to a report of gunshots in the Warden and Finch area just after midnight.
As we drove to the next CIBC, Hayley and I were trying to figure out if this shooting was closer than a shooting in March, next to one of our youth group kids houses - here. I think this latest one is closest to home, as we can almost see this bank from our backyard. Pray that the day will never come when we are asked to take the funeral for some young person killed in one of these shootings.

More details in ->this article<- from this mornings Globe & Mail
2. This article from the Toronto Sun has more details on the family:
Toronto Police Staff-Insp. Jeff McGuire said officers found Thiyagarajah's bloodied and lifeless body lying on the well-lit pavement adjacent to 3420 Finch Ave E. after gunshots were heard in the area at 11:51 p.m.
Although Thiyagarajah had been shot near a CIBC branch, investigators weren't sure yesterday if robbery was a motive.

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