Thursday, July 21, 2005

The little blog that grew. Enter the athensBlog one year contest!!

Well folks, it's been one year since the first post here on the athensBlog way back on July 21st, 2004.

To commemorate this one-year anniversary, we'd like to celebrate the way we usually do...with a contest!! Since this contest will only come around once, we made it extra hard for you to win. But we also made it extra sweet for whoever gets the prize!! Here's how it's gonna work. The first person who can:

1. Correctly identify every member of the AthensBlog team by first, middle and last name,

2. Since team members might know that info, we have another way for them to enter. Folks that went on the trip to Athens can tell us how many total posts there are on the athensBlog. All of them. You can either guess, or spend a good couple hours counting them all. Think of it as the "count the jelly-beans-in-the-jar" way to enter :)

And the prize???!?!?????

If you're successful....and the first person to get the right answer, YOU get an email from US with the gender of our 3rd child!!!!!!....that's right, we do know!! And so can you!! Be the first to complete the task and you could know if we're having a boy or girl!! Enter in the comments below, or on the discussion forum. Enter once, enter often. Help us celebrate! There's no harm in trying, even if you're completely wrong! :)

Disclaimer: One condition for the winner of this contest, is that you will not be allowed to tell anyone the gender of our child after finding out yourself! No one! Before receiving your prize, you will take an athensBlog oath, in Greek, under a bottle of olive oil promising the wrath of the Greek gods will come upon you if you leak the gender info to anyone! Be warned, Mary knew what gender she was having and only an angel could reveal it to her! Don't forget her example. Once she found out she "kept all these things in her heart" :)

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