Saturday, April 01, 2023

The Babylon Bee expands to Canada - Introducing The Babylon Beaver

The Babylon Bee expands to Canada. 
Shawn Cuthill named Editor-in-Chief of new satire site northern venture

WORLD·Mar 31, 2023 ·

TORONTO — Today Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon announced a Canadian partnership that would see the popular Christian satire site expand north of the border. 

"After 18 years of fantastic fooling, Shawn Cuthill is one of the internets premier tricksters" said Dillon from Bee headquarters in Jupiter, Florida. "From his classic Amish Pandemic spoof to pretending his son was a bitcoin millionaire, Shawn has proven nobody is safe from his gags on April 1st. We wanted to harness that hilariousness and approached Shawn about taking the Bee to the home of the Beaver - Canada!"
The new spin-off website which will be called "THE BABYLON BEAVER" launches today, April 1st to celebrate the Superbowl day of satire April fools. 
Earlier this month Cuthill flew to Florida to meet with Dillon, Kyle Mann and the rest of the Babylon Bee staff.  "Who else could we find in Canada that is openly Christian, creative, callous and confusing - the 4 pillars of our corporate mission statement - to expand the Beehive" 

"I gave up trying to tame his inner prankster years ago" stated Cuthill's wife Hayley. "I figured it was time to embrace his talent for trickery with this new venture. In recent years the whole family got involved. Our daughter was spoofed being Anne of Green Gables, our son became a bitcoin millionaire, our other son photographed the Amish prank and I even got dressed up in a Burka one year! It's a family tradition!

Visit Cuthill's new website at:

April foooooooools! Or is it??

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