Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Coronavirus drove me Amish: The true story of a city family that left it all

Dear friends,

Over the years many of you have connected with me on various internet platforms. From early tools the web offered us to communicate with like Hotmail, ICQ, Napster and MSN, it was a thrill to connect with so many of you. Then as the internet matured past the "Dot Bomb" era into 2.0 applications like blogs, discussion forums and Wikis, writing tools gave independent publishers power to share their ideas with the world! Next video sharing startup Youtube made sharing virtually any video of anything possible.

Then everything changed again when one Harvard student coded his new social website "The Facebook". At once all those shared items could be pooled together in profiles and our lives truly began to be lived out online for all the world to see. Like you, I dove head first into this promised technological utopia creating blogs like this one, forums, wikis, youtube channels, facebook pages and the like. After studying at college I worked in the IT field at a major bank. Technology was my life.

Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, we have finally seen the ugly truth about our Brave New Technological World! The Coronavirus COVID-19 has brought to the forefront what we can no longer ignore. We have been reduced to slaves! Lurching from day to day on our phones. Zombies. Captivated. Transfixed. Unable to break free.

I am announcing today that myself, along with my family, will no longer participate in this slavery!

Beloved, consider what this pandemic has shown us about the powers of darkness! Instead of simply hiding in the shadows, they are now not ashamed to show their faces in the light! Data breaches are as common as days of the week! Companies continue to mine data from smart TVs and smart phones despite court orders, fines and outrage! There is no stopping the Antichrist from establishing his one world government and implementing the mark of the beast!

How far can we be from embedded microchips?

Or is it already too late? Are we already in the end times? Beloved take heed!
Join me in taking back our souls, our freedom, our minds and the future generations of children who will be enslaved by this system. Join me in returning to a simpler, more biblical time.

My family and I have sold all our belongings and purchased a farm 

to join with fellow believers who have already awoken to these truths. Make no mistake, we did not make this decision lightly. For years these thoughts have swirled, but now after being quarantined by our own government in our own houses and told where we can and cannot go we knew it was time to act. And act swiftly. Drastically. Emphatically. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren are watching. 

Friends, from this day forward I will no longer be using this grid of information. No more posting on the internet. No more using electricity to determine our movements. No more cell phone towers towering, no more radio waves waving. No more microwaves, ocean waves, flag waves! No more hand-shaking, fist-bumping, mood-altering, chemical-engineering, mandalorian-ing! No more baby-yodas, bird surveillance, drone-footage, squirrel reconnaissance, society-conforming, toilet-paper-hoarding, hand-sanitizing, video-gaming, netflix-binging, insta-gramming, meme-sharing! I will NO LONGER LIVE LIFE THROUGH ANY FILTER

If you see with spiritual eyes, like i do, then join me at our new family farm!

We own 75 acres of pristine land set aside for anyone who wants to be part of God's remnant on earth.
Join us before it is too late!
Join us while there is still time!
Join us in this AMISH PARADISE!!

After much prayer and thought our new community will be know as: 

The Valley of FOOLS


Happy April Fools!! 

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