Sunday, April 02, 2017

April Fools Recap! (Updated)

Over the years April Fools has been a special day in the Cuthill household. Starting waaaay back in the 90s, an April Fools joke on Hayley when we were dating started a tradition of seeing how many people would fall for my tricks. As the internet, blogs and then facebook emerged it became more and more of a family tradition to see how many people we could "fool". Here's a look back at some of the best!

2022 - Ramadan holiday - 30 days off work!

2021 - Bitcoin boy Sylas, Canada's youngest millionaire buys his Tesla - here

2020 - Coronavirus drove me Amish - here

2019 -  Launched our new ministry: Face Tattoos For Christ - here
2018 - Shawn named Billy Graham's successor - here
2017 - Olivia nabs lead role as Anne of Green Gables - here
2016 - Birthday switched to April 1 - click here and here
               BONUS - Lukas gets in on the fun - here

2015 - Sylas stars in Pixels movie: click here

2014 - Sylas suspended for fighting with Paul (reverse - people thought it was a joke but it was true!)
2013 - My phone is stolen phone, please help by calling it!
2012 - Earth Hour started a fire - click here

 2012     BONUS - Burka church visit - here and here

2011 - Sylas suspended from school - click here and here
2010 - Took a year off after being scolded for fooling an entire church - here
2009 - Eviction notice! Click here and here
2008 - Divorce scare - click here, here, here or here
2007 - We're pregnant - click here
2005 - The Pope ascended to heaven - here

Before the internet: Jail for preaching, 

Best April fools reaction - here

See you next year!!! haha!!

Sing it with me: IT'S TRADITIOOOOOON

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