Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Touchdown in the C-town

Just arrived here in good ole PEI. I'm just downloading emails and thought I'd feature one sent to me by Salvation Army Officer Geoff Ryan. For those who don't know Geoff, a few years ago he set up shop to share the love of Jesus in the countries worst ghetto - Regent Park. This new church is called 614, named after Isaiah 61:4, and you can read all about it on his site - 614network.com. You may remember I took the Florida group down to visit this inner-city church - here. Geoff and I have developed a comaradary (spelling?) as we both live and work in the inner-city of Toronto. Geoff sent me this article today titled "Rap gets Religion":
Over the last year, regular hip-hop church services have been held at the FaithDome, attracting 7,000 to the mega-church in South-Central Los Angeles, and since February, (Kurtis) Blow, who became an early hip-hop star with his classic 1980 record "The Breaks," has led a hip-hop congregation at Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Inglewood that meets on the first Friday of each month...

With established hip-hop congregations in Harlem, Philadelphia and Inglewood, and two more begun last month in Dallas and New Jersey, (Kurtis) Blow balances hands-on ministry with projects like the television series and an upcoming European tour to promote his forthcoming album, "Kurtis Blow and the Trinity."
A hip-hop congregation?? Looks like rapping for Jesus is here to stay. Seems like Len and others were wrong back in March 2005 when I featured a post on the new hip hop church. Plz ppl dun be hatin on ya bredren ya dig!

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