Friday, December 22, 2006

Milestones - Olivia's first steps!!

Olivia took her first steps today!! We were in the living room when she took 2 steps to Lukas. Sadly our digital camera is currently broken, but I ran over to future shop and scooped up the first one I saw. Hopefully I'll be able to record the moment some time today. The Future Shop visit was wierd. It's the only one in all of PEI. If you want electronics it's the place to go. When we got there I asked about a few cameras and the reply I got was "sorry, we're all out of those". I thought that was strange, but he went on to explain that they only have about 5 digital cameras in stock and they were completely SOLD OUT of memory cards. Sold out 3 days before Christmas? Good old PEI

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