Sunday, December 31, 2006

Remix - Year in review

(I had originally posted this on December 20th, but thought it would fit better on December 31st)

Here's our 2006 year end report:
Microsoft Word document - here
Adobe Acrobat PDF file - here

Seems a bit anticlimactic going on about all the great stuff that happened this past year seeing as our ministry is over, however when I sit back and think about all the opportunities God has given us it is encouraging. You could say this is a "year in review", like they have on TV this time of year. As you look over the various events of 2006 don't pray for us so much, pray for all the special people who we've come in contact with along the way. Here's an overview:

January report -> Mounting huge gospel sign at Bridlegrove - here
February -> Horrific tripple murder down the street - Shawn on the national news
March -> 4 Boys complete Christianity Explored course
April -> Q1 report
May -> My mother's stroke
June -> End of school CRUX youth rally, featuring Gyasi Ferdinand, Florida team visits for missions trip to Toronto
July -> Q2 report,
August -> Greece missions trip, Chester Le Sunday school
September -> Kevin moves, Cookie moves
October -> 5 youth from Bridlegrove baptised - videos here, Q3 report
November -> Year end report

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