Saturday, March 18, 2006

Scott free

Not Acts 16 style, but Scott is out of jail. I am just chatting with him on MSN. More details soon. Keep praying as he's not "out of the woods" yet. They say the process for clearing his name will take at least a year, maybe 2, during which he cant leave brazil. Keep praying!

**UPDATE**Scott may be out of jail, but his name has not been cleared. Please continue praying. For those who didn't receive the email from him this morning (Monday) here is an excerp:
My passport was taken so I can't leave Brazil until the process is finished (I was told this would take at least a year), but I can travel within Brazil as long as I report with my lawyer. The lawyer's fees are very large, but I know the God will provide for these needs at the appropriate time. All in all it was certainly not an enjoyable experience, but I have never felt the Lord's presence with me as I did in those cells. I was weak, He showed Himself strong, and that was an amazing experience. My name has not been cleared. I'm awaiting trial, but I have absolute peace about it. Nothing can happen to me that God does not allow. Every time I am weak or scared or financially stressed it will be another opportunity for Him to show His power. I know that many people were praying for me. I felt those prayers and would like to thank you for them. Please continue to pray that the Lord would work everything out in His time and continue to give me peace and provide for all my needs. Among the many passages of scripture I had time to read during the last week Psalm 145:13b-20 stands out in my mind. Thanks again for everything and God bless.

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