Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday's hot topics - Unite and divide

Well instead of just one "hot topic", this week I thought 2 would be good!! The reason for 2 of them is so ridiculous that i figured I needed an alternative.

So the first hot topic, and in my opinion one of the silliest, is the King James only debate - here . That's right, click on over to read all 14 pages of sillyness...or maybe don't....nah instead of reading that, why not spend the time praying or doing something profitable.

Or if you don't want to dive into that diabolical debate but still are thirsty for a "hot topic" why not check out a very thoughtful post from our friend "Hawgsweat" in Virginia. He posted his "Cow analogy" - here which i find very insightful. Here's a taste:
Yesterday I was driving home through the Virginia countryside. Now here in southwestern Virginia there are a lot of cows. I see them every day and never thought much about it. This day though something happened that was unexpected. I looked at a herd of cows grazing in a field....
As I looked at this scene it suddenly occured to me that this was a picture of the church... All were feeding off of one field, they were one herd and they belonged to one person. The field could be seen as Christ, upon whom we all feed spiritually. The herd as the Body of Christ and the owner as God. Not all feed in the same part of the field in the same way. Not all do what the owner wants all the time. They don't see themselves as one herd.
Quite the analogy. Lots to "chew" on (get it...chew...cud...cows...ha). This analogy is strikingly similar to that of another open brethren writer Ernie Tatham, in his book "Let the Tide Come in" - here. Ernie said that each denomination is like a little puddle in the sand on the beach and when the tide comes in all Christians will be united. I haven't actually read the book but somebody told me that's what it was about. Happy hot topics!

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