Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday's hot topics - Ray Comfort

How many people out there use gospel tracts? You know those little things you leave for waiters, gas station attendants and put in christmas cards? Yes those tracts. Well if you use them, which ones do you use? There are so many to choose from. Personally, I've found that the tracts from Ray Comfort, published by Living Waters have been quite helpful, especially at the local highschools. Each week I load up with "IQ tests", optical illusions, and specialized tracts designed to catch, and keep people's attention. Sound sweet, huh? The kids at the highschools love them, and I seldom find one on the ground. I love Ray Comforts tracts. Go buy some. Buy some now!!!

While Ray's tracts are filling up my tract bag, recently on the forum there has been some controversy about Ray Comforts doctrine - here. Some say that he preaches the "false gospel of Lordship salvation". His stance on repentance sounds to some like "works salvation". Others simply think he's trying to avoid "easy believism" and the gospel of "sign-this-piece-of-paper" or "say this prayer". Are there issues with Ray's doctine? Do you just like Ray's tracts? Have your say in the comments section, or on the forum

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