Friday, June 24, 2005

What's your definition of adultery?

Well folks I apologize for my tardiness in the blogdom. It seems my first attempt at overhauling the laptop didn't cut it, so now I have to go back and do it all over again. At the same time the monitor on the desktop started flickering and smoking yesterday so we are PC-less. Those of you who are Mac users stop laughing! Also, Hayley's brother Matt, Leah and Josh Poole are staying over, Matt_the_cook will arrive with his crew of 8 on Monday and then the legendary Joan and Joe from Italy after that! Needless to say you can appreciate the joy and chaos in the Cuthill household.

Before I do reformat again, I wanted to post something on here that occured on the discussion forum. Drew Costen, the infamous instigator of innerancy, had some interesting thoughts on the meaning of adultery - here.
sarah_s wrote:
Drew, are you trying to say that you think that it may not be adultery for a married person to have sexual intercourse with someone other than their spouse, as long as the SPOUSE consents (obviously the sex would also have to be consensual between both parties involved)?

Drew: Yes. Ultimately, adultery is just a word that can be defined any way you want, and has been defined in different ways throughout the ages.
Do you have a definition of adultery that you would like to share? - click here to reply

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