Thursday, June 02, 2005

June loggin in....

30June05-Thurs-Speak at daycamp chapel. Matt,Ruth & gang fly out. Joan & Joe arrive, AA conference
29June05-Wed - Daycamp, Team to prayer meeting
28June05-Tues - Team to D.S. in Thorncliffe
27June05-Mon - Hayley ultrasound; Matt, Ruth (joseph), Ben, Todd, Melissa, Bethany, Hilary stay over
26June05-Sun - BofB, FBH, Matt, Leah, Josh, Bethany stay over
25June05-Sat - Prayer meeting at leaside
24June05-Fri - Dave & Gail wedding, dinner with Day's
23June05-Thurs-Matt, Leah, Josh to PTBO. Jamoy grade 8 grad
22June05-Wed - Prayer day, prayer meeting, stop in to see Anila & Kamran
21June05-Tues- Matt, Leah, Josh Poole arrive, CN tower, jays game
20June05-Mon - paperwork, format & reinstall windows
19June05-Sun - BofB, FBH, Dave & Gail party in Markham
18June05-Sat - BBC picnic with Katherine, Clayon, Jamoy. Andrew Masuello bachelor party
17June05-Fri - office, clayon over, judy, joanna, rachel, josh over
16June05-Thurs-Lunch with Clayon, Kevin, Novella, youth rally planning, gym show
15June05-Wed - prayer with elders, prayer, study, prayer meeting
14June05-Tues- air conditioner fixed
13June06-Mon- phone, paperwork,
12June05-Sun - BofB, FBH (Josh & Quentin over for lunch)
11June05-Sat - GTA youth leaders meeting at house (7 over - Quist, Nigel, Phil, Dave, Jason, Joy, Ted)
10June05-Fri - 30 @ youth (+ 9 from Greenwood)
09June05-Thurs-Read to daycare, lunch with Sabbah
08June05-Wed - prayer
06June05-Mon- paperwork, phone, Ron hughes, KLBC
05June05-Sun - BofB, FBH (Katherine)
03June05-Fri-34 @ youth (8 new) Mark shows video/speaks
02June05-Thurs-2 over (Mag & Der) 1 home bible study
01June05-Wed- 2 over (Tien & mom)

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