Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The decade of double-yoke blessing

Each Christmas I spend the month of December making social media. posts with the hashtag #30DaysOfChristmasSelfies. This allows us to show details of our Christmas outreach and give some insight into our life and ministry.

For my final post of 2019 (and the decade of the 2010s) i posted last picture taken last decade (Dec 2009). 
Hayley was making breakfast with Olivia and cracked 5 double-yoke eggs in a row. Looking back now i can see that it was a prelude to a decade of Gods tremendous double-yoke blessing on our lives!! Here are a few highlights:

*Family blessing as all 3 kids were accepted and graduated from the TDSBs gifted program. 

*Spiritual blessing as God worked in our hearts to heal, grow and break generational sins

*Ministry blessing as we grew to over 10 staff, 7 underground churches in 5 languages.

*Financial blessing as God opened the door for us to buy a (fixer-upper) house in Toronto and rent it on Airbnb

*Personal blessing as we were able to learn how to take vacations and rest in Antigua, Arizona and Disney

And so many many many more!

Lord, you are too good to us! We trust you for the next decade and dedicate it to you!!
Happy New Decade!!