Thursday, April 01, 2021

Bitcoin frenzy turns 17-year-old Sylas Cuthill into Canada's youngest millionaire

A little back story on our bitcoin boy. As many of you know Sylas was a very active child, very interested in how things worked. When you'd tell him not to do something he would always ask why, or try it to see why you told him no. He had a very hard time in school and one year his teacher gave him a certificate awarding him the title "King of Questions" in the class. He developed a love for puzzles and Rubix cubes, solving 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and other specialty cubes 

After this he began taking computers apart. All manner of gadgets, motherboards, monitors and wires. Whenever the school would have a computer problem they would call him over the intercom to come down to the office and fix it. Tech support, AV club, Minecraft servers consumed him. Even when he got suspended (several times) it was for changing teachers passwords, giving himself admin right on the TDSB network and emailing the entire school board! 

At this point Sylas was in middle school (where he won the IT award) and a few teachers really encouraged his potential. They would all talk about a new currency called "Bitcoin" and how it could be "mined". Sylas was still young but started slowly accumulating these "coins" along with all the other things he was trying. After this he was accepted into the STEM+ program in highschool and really started to get interested in tech and finance. We weren't sure what all these "coins" were but they were sure accumulating!! Could they really be worth something??

After 10 years of mining these coins Sylas was able to cash them in and become the youngest Millionaire in Canada!! We're so proud of our inquisitive little guy, who also got his drivers license this week. And can you guess what he wanted to do with his money?? That's right, buy the car he's been talking about his whole life - a TESLA!

Here he is at the dealership picking up his brand new car!! As you can see on the video his first reaction was "It smells like a million dollars baby!"

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