Monday, January 31, 2005

Great is your reward

As a way to thank my readers for their dedication to checking in regularly here at, I wanted to give away a FREE MP3. That's right a free MP3. Some of you may be thinking "whoopie, I can download a free MP3 any day", but this my friends is a LEGAL download. :)

Now you won't download it from my site, so pay attention to the instructions and act fast, I have only 1 free download to give away:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Choose an MP3 - click "add track to cart" and then "checkout"
Step 3: HURRY - others may be checking out at the same time as you!
Step 4: In "additional payment method" box, insert the PIN # 66710 and the Serial # 5976418534
Step 5: If you are the first to download the song jump for joy. If not, weep bitterly and beat your chest for not checking in to the athensblog sooner!
Step 6: Check back here at and post a comment below so I know which lucky person got the prize.

So what are you waiting for? On your mark...get set....GO!!

*UPDATE* The winner is....Mr. Steve Bourgeois!! Click here - Congratulations to everyone that participated. Stay tuned for our next giveaway.

Update on Lukas

Just a quick update on Lukas. We went to the pediatrician today, before our x-ray at sick kids on Thursday. The doctor said he suspects Lukas has a "malrotation". Anybody know what that is? More HERE

Friday, January 28, 2005


Tonight at youth group I'm starting an experiment. A long time back Hayley got me a book called "The Old Testament in Verse":
. There is a rhyme for every chapter of the Bible! Here's the synopsis:
A bird's-eye view of each Bible chapter as stated in the words of a poet."The work is unique in that it summarizes the contents of each Bible chapter in four-line stanza. This edition is published by Back to the Bible Broadcast by permission of the author." 100 pgs.
Check out Genesis chapter 1:
In the beginning God says, let there be:
Dry land and firmament, sunlight and sea,
Livestock and herbage to cover the land;
Then in the image of God He makes man.
Tonight what I'm going to do at youth group, for the devotion, is play a hip-hop beat - here - that my good man Phil Tremblay made for me, and rap for the kids. I'll go through the first 5 chapters of Genesis today. (If you don't know what our youth group is like, - click here - .) I think this has alot of potential, but why can I only do this on Friday night, why can't I rap on Sunday morning? Do you think this is a good way to reach the youth without compromising scriptural principles? Or do you think that it's a compromise? Am I using the worlds techniques? I have also opened up a topic in the forum to answer this question in-depth - click here.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Heating up

It might be cold outside, but the discussion is heating up on the Forum
1. Same sex marriage will soon be voted on in the house of commons, let your voice be heard - HERE -
2. Biblical inerrancy - HERE -

Monday, January 24, 2005

Let's take this outside

Well folks, the present discussions on Same-sex marriage, the innerancy of the Bible and The real ten commandments have shown a need to take things to another level. So we here at the Athensblog have responded by introducing the " discussion forum". - CLICK HERE TO BEGIN -

Over the next few days I will be tweaking and copying your comments to this forum for a more in-depth discussion on key issues being raised. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

New site & Drew's site

Meghan left a comment about a website, as it relates to the search for Noah's ark. Seems this guy claims to have found it -

- Here's where we left off with Drew :
As far as various problems I have with the Bible goes, I'll begin by posting a link - HERE - to some contradictions and other problems with the Bible (including failed prophecies).
I'll warn you that some of these are pathetic so you'll have to wade through the chaff to get to the wheat. For example, the writer gets upset because he doesn't think the doctrine of "original sin" is fair, that innocent people are pronounced guilty for the actions (sins) of another (Adam). Also, under the heading "All the world has heard the gospel", the writer obviously does not realize that Romans 10:18 is a quote from Psalm 19:4. The writer spends alot of time going over why God would allow the slaughter of the innocents/enemies of Israel and says at the bottom that this was his "breaking point". Let's focus on this topic for now. I'm going to ask that we keep our comments to this topic at first, just so we can keep things going on a topic by topic basis.

So here's a question to start us off "Why did God allow the slaughter of innocents/Israel's enemies?"

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Some homeless people are just stupid...

I've worked alot with the homeless. I've helped at drop-ins and soup kitchens. I used to work right downtown Toronto near Union station and had lunch there every day with homeless guys. I've had homeless people stay with me. Once I even let a homeless guy sleep in my own bed.

I say all this because I was reading this article - click here - about our City Councillor Norm Kelly (Scarborough-Agincourt) saying the city needs to "get tough with people who refuse to leave the street" and go to nice, warm, available, free beds on nights when there is a cold weather alert (-20 or so). This week during a cold weather alert, the city had 97 beds available and only 21 were used.

I have a suggestion. If the homeless won't leave the street in the freezing cold, to go to warm beds in shelters that they know about, then just tape them down to the sidewalk. If you can't get them moving, keep them still. Then they'll freeze to death and there will be no more homeless problem. Simple. They're doing it to themselves anyway, by staying out there in the freezing cold, why not give them a helping hand?

(Hayley made me put a disclaimer here that I do not really wish homeless people would die, I am simply showing how absurd it is that they wouldn't take help to save their lives.)

The definition of a hypocrite - HERE

Why can't they get better security cameras?

I was watching the news the other day - click here - and there was a guy who stole a tsunami relief donation box. All they got was a crappy surveilance camera video shot. It got me thinking "With all the technology out there today, why can't they get better security cameras?". I could have taken a better video/picture with my digital camera that cost 100 bucks!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tsunami video update

Got an email from Terry today. Seems he surfed onto the athensblog from all the way down under in Australia! I'm not sure if he knows Dave from Sydney, or Mike & Sarah in Brisbane but nonetheless he saw my post on Tsunami videos and wanted to use them in a very cool way. Here's some of the email:
Greetings Shawn,
I am a News Journalist & Christian in Australia and was lucky enough to stumble across the video footage you have on your website of the Tsunami disaster. I would like to download some of it & show it to Churches in my local area (and I guess further afield if it so develops) during our appeals. Baptist Churches in Australia have a fundraising appeal going at the moment & this would help focus people's attention of how big this whole thing is.

Thanks heaps & keep up the good work.

Coffs Harbour, NSW, Aust.
Terry, it sounds like you are the one doing the good work :) God bless you all the way down there. I'll post some new Tsunami video's I've found on the net that show "how big this whole thing is". I'll be updating this post throughout the day so check back often for the latest:

1. THIS is a very nice compilation to music - i would highly recommend using it. It requires a program called Torrent- HERE - which is a bit tricky, but I gaurantee this video will make people weep. Very stirring.

2. Click here for original Tsunami video post. Some of the links have expired.

3. Also Terry, might I recommend making a donation to a mission group that is helping in the region - Gospel for Asia. There site is - have 700 local Sri Lankan missionaries in the areas affected. The Red Cross has lots of money, and it's doubtful they will share the gospel, which is the real hope for these people.

4. Here's the latest Tsunami videos that I've found, country by country (alphabetically):

Old, but best, Indonesia Tsunami video (government employee):
First link, Second link, Third, Fourth, Fifth

New Indonesia Tsunami video (wedding photographer):
First Link, Second link, Third, Fourth,

New India Tsunami video :
Biggest wave of all videos

New Thailand Tsunami video :
Man swallowed up by wave

Links to Tsunami video on servers:

There you have it. Why do you think God allowed the Tsunami? I have a good friend (old roommate), Dan Pothaar, who's brother was in Thailand when the Tsunami hit and actually got swept out to sea but lived, unlike the 200,000 that weren't as fortunate. I can't wait to ask him some questions about what it felt like. Has anyone ever been in a scary situation with water? What's it like? Couldn't an all-loving God step in and stop something like this?
Also, if anyone knows another website with a Tsunami video for Terry, just post it below in the comments.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Can we really trust the Bible? Drew - I'm no longer convinced

Drew - It's more of an issue of not being convinced God actually inspired the Bible (or at least all of the Bible) than an issue of accurate transmission.

Drew - you're making an assumption that I don't, that the story of Adam and Eve happened at all and is not simply mythology.

Drew - Your mind has chosen to trust that the Bible is infallible, mine has chosen to accept that the Bible has too many flaws and contradictions to be reliable (although for many years I believed as you did until I dug deeper)

So, what do you say to Drew? Why do you trust the Bible?

Lukas at Sick Kids Hospital

This is a picture of Lukas in the hospital in 2003

Update: The Pediatrician called today and said we had an appointment at Sick Kids on February 3rd for the barium x-ray.

*Update - Hayley took Lukas to the pediatrician today and he is scheduled for a barium x-ray next week. What is that? The doctor also said "if it is what I think it is he'll need surgery".

*Update - Hayley arrived back home at 3:30AM. For the 4th time the doctors couldn't find a problem. At least this time we got the doctors phone number from Sick Kids to call when it happens again. They were going to do an ultrasound on the appendix, but they only do ultrasounds during business hours. How stupid is that?

Hayley just left to take Lukas to Sick Kids Hospital. It's about 12:15AM and he was throwing up and complaining about pain in his lower right abdominal area. This is the 4th time he has had this happen in the last 6 months. Every other trip to the Hospital was inconclusive about wether he had apendicitis, so the people at telehealth told us to take him to Sick Kids. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Has anyone had appendix problems before? What's it like? Is 3 years old too young to remove it? What else could it be?

Monday, January 17, 2005

Monday mailbox - Here's an email I received Friday:

"i watched this clip about a gay seventeen year old micheal shackelford in the oklahoma "bible-belt". the boy came from a christian family. the church loved and accepted him, but still considered his state a sin.

what appalled me was the Westboro Baptist church who went to Oklahoma and protested against the church had signs like God Hates Fags ect. here's the website it's really scarry. once you enter the site it has a section that says Memorials: someone has been in hell so many days. i had no idea this kind of stuff actually goes on! could these people really be christians? doesn't God tell us to love or neighbours, even if they sin?"

Sunday, January 16, 2005

How multicultural is Toronto?

click here to find out or click here to watch the video
"The 12-year-old (Chinese boy) spent 15 hours outside alone after becoming separated from his mother following a minor squabble downtown. Unable to speak English and wearing only a sweater, the frightened boy began aimlessly wandering the streets"

Store owner stabbed, next to Bridlegrove (our church) click here

"... at Penny Market on Pharmacy Avenue, south of Finch"
* In other news - Hayley went to the doctor today and she has a lung infection. Pray it won't turn into pneumonia again.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Drew Costen, king of controversy

My friend Drew Costen is stirring the pot again. Here's his comment from my recent post on same-sex marriage:
I'm actually for the legalization of polygamy as well as gay marriage - Drew
In my view it actually adds to the sanctity of marriage to allow gay marriage - Drew
My thoughts are that I just can't think of a good argument not to allow gay marriage (biblical arguments aside as we are not living in a theocracy), or even polygamy for that matter (now there's a biblical marriage for you ) - Drew.
Can you think of an argument for Drew?

Do you get all fired up about same-sex marriage? Whether you're for or against, HERE is a site to make your voice heard! Ask the government for a refferendum on same-sex marriage. Let the people decide!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Donate online to GFA

GFA founder KP Yohannan talks about the Tsunami.

The Red Cross already has millions and they're not preaching the gospel to anyone in SouthEast Asia. Gospel for Asia has been there for 25 years, and is helping the people physically and more importantly spiritually. Do something for eternity - donate online to Gospel for Asia. Click here to make a donation. Or click here to watch the GFA missionaries in action. Either way to go Now.
Still not convinced? Click here to see amazing before-and-after satelite pictures.

Monday, January 10, 2005

3 of 13 Bad Arguments for Same-sex marriage

As a way to help my readers come to grips with the current "same-sex marriage" debate I will be posting a series that appeared in this Christianity Today article in September of 2004. It's titled:
"13 Bad arguments for Same-sex marriage. Why the rhetoric doesn't stand up under scrutiny."
This is the first three "bad arguments"...

Now that gay marriage is our most talked-about domestic policy issue, it is time to rebut faulty arguments that bedevil it. While we could provide biblical and theological grounds for what follows, we will focus on the practical and social effects of changing society's first and most basic institution.

Bad argument No. 1
"Gay marriage is a basic human right."

There are huge differences between constitutional rights with few restrictions (such as the rights to life or free speech) and other rights with important restrictions, which do not carry the right of universal access. We already recognize that not everyone has the right to enlist in the army, but that one must be of the proper age, physical condition, citizenship, and philosophy - anarchists and pacifists need not apply. We also agree that certain persons do not have the right to marriage — children, multiple partners, family members, and those already married.

Bad argument No. 2
"Gay marriage is a civil right."

This is based on the false assumption that homosexuality is the same sort of human difference as race. But while the difference between sexual orientations is profound (one desires the opposite sex and procreates while the other does neither), racial difference has no intrinsic bearing on love and marriage. This is why philosophically opposed African American leaders such as Shelby Steele and Jesse Jackson agree that "gay marriage is simply not a civil rights issue."

Bad argument No. 3
"Opposition to gay marriage is discrimination."

Let's not mistake rational restriction for unconstitutional discrimination. Just as we rightly restrict marriage against polygamists, there is no constitutional reason why we cannot continue to restrict marriage to what all civilizations have defined for millennia: the union of a man and woman. This does not deny anyone the "equal protection of the laws," since this restriction applies equally to every individual.

So are those bad arguments bad arguments? What's your argument?

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Digital Camera

Well folks, as I mentioned a while ago I was hunting for a digital camera. And now the hunt is over. I got a Kodak EasyShare CX7330

Video with Audio
130.00 after using Christmas gift certificates

Blog disciples

A few new blogs on the scene for you to visit:
1. Kathleen MacFadyen for her trip to Ethiopia -
2. Andrew Prescotts christian blog -

Too bad I don't get commission :)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Loggin in - First week of 2005

Sun09Jan05- 9:30-BofB, FBH, bible study with veronica & mormons, veronica over, evening service at calvary chapel toronto
Sat08Jan05- shauna-lee over for dinner
Fri07Jan05- 2-6 office, 6:30-10 youth group, 36 kids @youth (5 new), drive clayon/ashley home
Thurs06Jan05- 10AM - read to daycare kids, 11:30-12:30 lunch with clayon, 1-5 office, 7PM home bible study with Mag/Der & Channa (channa over till 1AM)
Wed05Jan05-Prayer day (9AM prayer with ladies. Prayer with elders. Prayer in library. Invited for dinner at Jason & Eder Tremblays)
Tues04Jan05-Family day in Kitchener(play with kids, date with Hayley)
Mon03Jan05-Day off. Visit Kitchener. Invited for dinner at Sean & Sarah MacDonalds in Cambridge.
Sun02Jan05-Sunday - 9:30BofB, FBH, promote retreat. Invited out for lunch with Judy Ramberan & Lynne Bartlett. Hayley to evening meeting, Shawn home with kids.
Sat01Jan05-Happy New year!
Fri31Dec04- 10 people over (Clayon, Jordan, Kevin, Jamoy, L & Teese, Anthony, Jen, Andrea, Luke). Attended event at chapel.

Friday, January 07, 2005

2004 - The Year of Noah's ark

The recent Tsunami got me thinking about Noah's ark. We were discussing it with Maggie & Derek tonight at our bible study and they told me about a chinese site they found with pictures of where the ark is located, high in the mountains of Turkey. I did a search for "Satellite Pictures of Noah's ark and found some very interesting things. It seems 2004 was the year Noah's ark made a comback in a big way, thanks to new satelitte photographs.

1. In April 2004 - National Geographic, MSNBC, and
The Gaurdian all report on new satellite pictures of Mount Arrarat (the mountain where Noah's ark came to rest after the flood - click here). The new pics prompt a search team to ask the Turkish government for permission to search the area. Keep in mind that the ark has been up there about 4000 years so it's under a bit of snow. However, you will see by the articles that Turkey had an unusually warm summer and it melted some of the snow away from the ark.
2. Then in a September 2004 - this Honolulu News article- reports how the Turkish government rejected the teams request. Hmmm...hiding something?
3. Check out these pictures of the mountains where the ark is - click here
3. Also check Noahsarksearch for more info and post comments if you know of any developments in this story since September.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Well folks it's official. February 15th to 23rd I'll be in Israel along with over 10 friends from PEI on an "Israel Clergy Educational Tour"!! Hilarious. Under $1000.00 for airfare, accomodation, food & tour guide through the many biblical sites. Click on the image below for full details.
Free Image Hosting at

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Matthew chapter 24: Earthquakes on the rise

While I am not predicting a date for the end of the world, I am seeing more and more evidence to suggest that the Bible is accurate and predicts things happening in the "last days".

For example: Matthew 24 says "you will hear of earthquakes in various places".
Many people say "there have been earthquakes for centuries, so what".

Well according to this Christian site earthquakes are on the rise:

Earthquakes of magnitude 6.5 or greater or ones that caused fatalities, injuries or substantial damage.

1980 there were 66 of the above.
1981 there were 45 of the above.
1982 there were 56 of the above. Notice few were bad with lives lost.
1983 there were 71 of the above again with few serious enough to cause loss of lives.
1984 there were 50 of the above but again some were major with magnitudes reaching 7 plus.
1985 there were 67 of the above with a major quake of almost around 8 mag with At least 9,500 people were killed, about 30,000 were injured, more than 100,000 people were left homeless, and severe damage was caused in parts of Mexico City and in several states of central Mexico.
1986 there were 60 of the above but with a few reaching 7 plus magnitude.
1987 there were 71 of the above.
1988 there were 56 of the above but with a few reaching the 7 plus mark again.
1989 there were 58 of the above but with a few reaching the 7 mark or close again.

1990 there were 72 of the above with still many reaching 7 or close.
1991 there were 62 of the above but with quite a few well into the 7 magnitudes.
1992 there were 68 but says that October through December to be recomputed. Many 7.0 pluses.
1993 there were record 83 so far and many were also late 6.0 to 7.0 plus magnitudes.
1994 there were 75 but with more Notable North American Earthquakes than in the past.
1995 there were 95 odd earthquakes, hard counting them all so might have been one or two out, but youll agree a record so far and many were well over the 7.0 plus magnitude.
1996 there were 77 earthquakes of the 6 plus magnitude and in fact there were many 7.0 plus and an 8.1 as well IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONESIA which killed at least 108 and injured 423 with over 5,000 homes destroyed and 58 people missing also.
1997 there were a record 97 quakes of over 6.0 plus with one nearing the 8.0 mark.
1998 there were 81 odd quakes with with odd few near or just in the 7.0 mark.
1999 there were 83 quakes with quite a few reaching over the 7.0 plus towards 8 mark.

I will now calculate the averages for the 1980s and then the 1990s.
1980s are 60 average a year there for 600 in total.
1990s are 79.3 average a year there for 793 odd quakes.

The increase therefore is obvious during the 1990s the average quakes in the world of over 6.5 or greater were an increase on the 1980s of 19 more each year.

In 2000 the number was 87 quakes that year and few late 7.0 pluses and odd 8.0 even.
In 2001 there were only 72 quakes of over 6.5 magnitude but there was an over 8.0 plus that near the coast of Peru killed 74 people of which 26 were in the tsunami. (79.50 average so far, year on year. this decade.)
In 2002 there were 85 quakes again of which some were well over the 7.0 mark. (81.33 year average so far.)
In 2003 there were 89 quakes my prediction of more and worse was correct, just. (83.25 year average this decade.)
In 2004 there were 91 quakes see:- (So yet again up by two. This includes the massive Asian one that caused such a loss of life, mag 9.0 and the 7.1 one. Now climbs to 84.80 average a year.)

In conclusion so far since 1980 anyway the increase in earthquakes has been significant, year on year since 2001.

In the 5 years so far it can be calculated out that the figure now is 84.80 average a year for earthquakes this decade, if this continues once again that is up on the 1990's of 79.3.

More info at:


Sunday, January 02, 2005

More Tsunami video - by country

Click on the image to enlarge:

*Remember, these videos may be slow to load, or the servers may be down, so be patient and keep trying*

Here's a country by country rundown (alphabetically):

Indonesia Tsunami video 1 (freakiest of all):
click here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,

India Tsunami video 1:
click here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,

Kenya Tsunami video 1:
click here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here

Malaysia Tsunami video 1:
click here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,

Sri Lanka Tsunami Video 1:
click here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,

Sri Lanka Tsunami Video 2
click here,or here,or here,or here, or here,

Thailand Tsunami video 1:
click here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,

Thailand Tsunami video 2
click here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,

Thailand Tsunami video 3
click here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here, or here,or here,

Thailand Tsunami video 4
click here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,or here, or here, or here,or here,or here,or here,or here,


British Tourist:
click here,or here, or here, or here, or here, or here,

Here's another tsunami video , this time from Gospel for Asia prez KP ( GFA has 700 missionaries in this area.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Tsunami Bible Prophecy?

Most people look at the Tsunami in Asia and ask "Why did God allow it to happen?"

Some people look at the Bible and ask "Why didn't anyone realize it was going to happen?"

Luke 21:25 There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. 26Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

Matthew 24:7 There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of..the end of the age.

What do you think about those verses from the Bible about the sea killing so many?

The sayings of Lukas - archives

Here are the sayings of Lukas:

"Like a scene from the Bible" - Washington Post

Washington Post's Michael Dobbs describes his personal experience in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit...
"The speed with which it all happened seemed like a scene from the Bible, a natural phenomenon unlike anything I had experienced...
As the waters rose at an incredible rate, I half expected to catch sight of Noah's Ark..."

Washington Post Tsunami video and audio - click here

Best Tsunami video sites

These guys are #1 on google - click here -

Tsunami Video

I had purposefully avoided posting about the Tsunami in Asia because of how close to home it hit with us. There is a large Sri Lankan community here in Toronto and we are in touch with many of them in Agincourt.

* 2 weeks ago I preached at the Sri Lankan Youth group here in Agincourt
* Matthan is a young man from Sri Lanka, who attends Bridlegrove. He was planning a visit over Christmas but had to postpone.
* "Daily Needs" & "Sunrise" serve up Sri Lankan food at the strip mall within a stones throw of Bridlegrove Chapel.

Also another reason I've stayed away from the Tsunami coverage is that like most people I get caught scouring the internet for hours hunting for videos of the event to try and grasp it's magnitude. When my friend Martin Crozier was here for the timothy conference we started searching and ever since I have been consumed.
Here are some of the best:

Here are sites each with list of all tsunami videos:
e) - click here -

Pray for families, that they would turn to God in this time of horror and loss.

Tsunami Predicted?

from This christian site

"Whether or not the Luke 21:25-26 applies to events like the sea surges in Asia on 26th Dec 04, one thing's for sure, Jesus warned about these things. I've already come to believe more than ever that not only is the Bible 100% correct, but we're surely living in those end of the age times before Jesus returns.

Jesus said: 'There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars; and on the earth anxiety of nations, in perplexity for the roaring of the sea and the waves; men fainting for fear, and for expectation of the things which are coming on the world: for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Luke 21:25-26)

Sadly though, it's only a foreshadow of things to come please see the following as well:

Have earthquakes Increased, facts from USGS.
End time News headlines, again real life facts.
End times scriptures, so you can study, research and start believing, and prepare mentally and emotionally for what is coming.

If you're still alive and reading this, it might be a good time to crack open the old book. My advice would be to read the ending first, the book of Revelation. Or click here to read the Gospel of Luke