Monday, July 29, 2013

10 years ago today

This is a bit of a historic day for me! 10 years ago today I quit my job and went into full-time inner-city ministry!! Can you believe it!! For 10 years God has been faithfully providing for our family!

Here's a picture of what our family looked like way back then. Lukas was only 1.5 years old and Hayley was 5 months pregnant with Sylas. haha! We couldn't have imagined all the amazing ways God would lead us and the paths He would take us down, but we're very thankful for how it's all turned out.

Thank God with us for all the things he's done in the past 10 years! What are some things he's done in YOUR life that you couldn't have imagined if someone had told you? Take a minute to think about that and leave a comment with your biggest surprise.

Here's a current picture of our family to compare. I've covered my gray hairs!!

I figured this 10 year milestone would be a great time to reboot this blog and start posting again. We're past the baby stage so I've got a bit more free time. I also want to stay ahead of my kids who are rapidly passing me when it comes to technology! I'll be making a bunch of changes and upgrades to over the next few months but seeing as today is special I wanted to blog about it and say thank you to God and each of you who have supported us, prayed for us and donated to help us reach out in the city! Let's keep going together for another 10 years!

Keep an eye out for at for updates and if you've never been on here before cruise through the archives.

Happy 10th anniversary!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Amazing Race Good news/bad news

The good news is the teams have been picked for Amazing Race Canada!!! The bad news is that we are not one of them.   

As you can imagine we're dissapointed but we'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every one of you who liked, shared, tweeted, viewed our video and cheered us on this journey! It's been very encouraging to see all the support we have and the best way to console ourselves is to think of each of you and what you mean to us.

While we all wish it could have turned out differently, like the Leafs always say around this time of year - there's always next season! Seeing all the responses (70,000 applicants) CTV may have a season 2 in the near future.

As for our page, twitter & youtube channels, someone suggested we turn "The Pastor & The Policeman" into it's own show!  That probably won't happen but stay tuned for future development from this dynamic duo! Also stay tuned to CTV as The Amazing Race Canada kicks off on July 15th!

Thank you once again - The Pastor (Shawn) and The Policeman (Jesse)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Amazing Race Canada!

I'm applying to get on the Amazing Race Canada! Here's the audition video:

And here's a few easy steps to help get us on the race:
1. Like us at
2. Follow us on twitter at: and retweet us
3. Post our youtube videos on your facebook or twitter:
4. Visit the Amazing Race facebook page here: Amazing Race Canada and leave a comment saying you want the Pastor & the Policeman on the race:
5. Visit the CTV facebook page here: CTV Television and leave a comment saying you want the Pastor & the Policeman
6. Say a prayer :)

Thanks everyone!