Monday, September 27, 2021

Cuthill of the day 27Sept2021 - Pastor Larry Cuthill

Alright athensBLOG fans, i'm rolling out a new feature on this blog, which is part of a project i've been working on through Covid/lockdown/plandemic to trace my family tree! Cuthill isnt the most common last name so while everyone was shut-in watching Tiger King i started sorting through some amazing old documents my grandpa Alex Cuthill gave me before he died in 2005.

That lead to starting the 'Cuthill ancestry' facebook group to help find other Cuthills and see how far back i could track my line:

Many Cuthills joined and we also spun off a private discussion group which has been amazing. I've met so many Cuthills, but the search continues for how we're all related. If you're a Cuthill please join and let us know how we're related!

One other feature i started was a 'Cuthill-of-the-day' to post in the facebook group when i would find interesting or newsworthy Cuthills. I figured one way to increase the google searches would be to feature these on my blog. So here is the 'Cuthill of the day for September 27, 20 21:

Pastor Larry and Patti Cuthill, Glenwood Presbyterian Church, Deland, Florida:

"Pastor Larry Cuthill with his wife, Patti Cuthill...said the idea came about five months ago, as church members were asking themselves how best to serve the Lord and their community.

“It’s not new,” Cuthill said. “Other churches and organizations have offered space, guidance and materials for a ‘community garden.’”

Also, a short bio on the church website: 

Dr. J. Lawrence Cuthill (Larry or Dr. C) came to us from Winter Park Presbyterian Church where he served 19 of the 47 years he has been ordained in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. He is fond of saying he retired but “failed at retirement”, returning to serve as Pastor in late 2012 at Glenwood Presbyterian Church.