Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Wierd!

So.....I spent New Years eve with a bunch of skinned humans down at the Science Center! They called it Body Worlds, and it was quite fascinating. Upon entering the exhibit there was a wall sized banner with Psalm 8 written on it:
4What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet:
Although there was controversy surrounding the exhibit I found it was pretty amazing stuff. Matt & Hayley enjoyed it the most, with their medical backgrounds, but God's creation is definitely fascinating! Again, I can't understand how someone can look at the amazing way the human body works and not believe it was designed by an intelligent designer. My favorite part of the exhibit was the fat man vs. skinny man, the embryos, pregnant lady and the javelin thrower. My parenting skills were stretched when Lukas asked "why does that man have three legs" pointing to a plastinated corpse who's leg was disected three ways.
Interstingly somebody told us that they thought it was unethical to be displaying dead humans that way. I hadn't thought of it, but is there any ethical or religious reason why displaying dead bodies is wrong?

Congratulations to Matt & Starr

The gentle giant, Matt Wilks, and Starr Lane got married yesterday at Leaside Bible Chapel! It was a wonderful night because of the wedding, but also because Hayley and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on the same day! Now we will be forever united with this wonderful couple in the date of our marriage as well as our love for the colour orange! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Parenting 101 - Grinches

Over this past year I've developed a few regular features here on the athensBLOG. The saysings of Lukas (& Sylas), God provides and Random ministry pics are some of the favorites, along with numerous contests throughout the year. Parenting 101 will be a new feature here on the athensBLOG. When I am confronted with a difficult parenting situation, I'll put the issue out there to plumb the depths of the vast parenting knowledge of my beloved readers! Come on you've all wanted to say something to that mother in the grocery store with the screaming's your chance to be a back-! Tell the world how you would instruct the youngsters! Here's the first segment:

Parenting 101: Grinches:

Hayley's family is here and tonight we were watching How the Grinch stole Christmas, when Lukas asked me:

"Daddy, why did God make grinches"?

What response would you have given?

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What would you do for Love?

Mark pulling 18 boxes of chocolates on strings attached to his arms and legs and a sign saying: "Could you love me?" "You get by being on your own the rest of the year but at this time it is devastation, utter misery," he said. "I am spending Christmas alone this year but I am looking for love because I have had enough - I don't want to be alone any more."
This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen. Obviously it's a publicity stunt, however it does show how important human relationships are. Reminds me of Cindy Lou Who in the Grinch when she said "No one should be alone on Christmas". Find a lonely person today and say hi, give them a hug or do something to show them that they are loved. Tell them that God loves them and spend some time with them. If anyone can find a video of this online please leave a comment because I want to use it for a sermon.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Hayley!!

That's right folks, my wife Hayley is celebrating her 24th birthday today - Dec 25! Special props to Isabelle, Cookie and Olivia Campbell for remembering! Hayley's family are the champs when it comes to strange birthdays. Her birthday is Christmas, her dad's birthday is Valentines day, and she has 2 boys born on the same day. So have a Merry Christmas and leave a comment for Hayley because usually everybody forgets :)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

How long is one month?

One month ago today Olivia was born! Actually Hayley and I couldn't decide whether Olivia was one month old on Tuesday, which was 4 Tuesdays since her birth, or today, one calendar month from her birth date. Whatever the case, here are some new pictures, and videos of the one-month-old :) Watch and see Lukas' first attempt at carrying his sister! Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Cuthills 2005 year-end report online

Click here for our 2005 Christmas newsletter/year-end report (MS Word). Special thanks to everyone for your prayers, gifts and support over the past year. Merry Christmas!

Testing the "BrethrenPedia"

Just getting started on a little project called BrethrenPedia. I'll be writing more about this project in the new year, but basically we're attempting to document the entire history of the brethren movement, one assembly at a time. Using the same wiki software as we'll try to dig up and document the history of every assembly all the way back to the original boys in Dublin! I'll explain more about it soon, but for now just go to and try your hand at editing! Once you get hooked it's lots of fun!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Barbara Walters goes to Heaven

No she didn't die, she's hosting a show tonight on CTV titled "Heaven: Where is it". She interviewd Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Buddhist, Evangelical, Athiest, Muslim, Terrorist and Scientific leaders. Should be interesting.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Prime Minister's puzzling proposition

Can somebody explain this to me? I was reading on the CTV website that Paul Martin said:
"In a nation of minorities, the Charter is the guarantor that minorities will be protected, that they will not be subjected to the whim of the minority," Martin said Sunday

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Boys O Boys!

Well, as I was finishing up my last post about all the newborn girls, Josh & Colleen MacFadyen were at the hospital awaiting the arrival of their little BOY Cameron Thomas MacFadyen!! Cameron (happens to be my middle name) was born at 2:20AM this morning (Saturday) via C-section! Here is a little picture Josh sent of the little fella! Congratulations to the MacFadyens!!

Modern day good samaritan

Well it's currently 4:54AM and I doubt that I'll get too much more sleep tonight. The insomnia all of us new parents are feeling cannot be matched by the sadness this mother must have felt when her innocent son was shot and killed by soldiers. Her response is an example to all of us. Here is the article I found a little while ago, detailing how this mother reacted:

Israelis receive organs of slain Palestinian boy

In a gesture they hope will foster peace, the parents of a young Palestinian boy killed by Israeli soldiers have donated his organs for transplants in Israel.

Ahmed Khatib, 12, was shot by Israeli soldiers last Thursday, during a military raid in Jenin.

Like so many children across the West Bank, Khatib was playing with a toy gun when Israeli soldiers were hunting militants. Mistaking his toy for a real gun, they shot him in the head and chest.

He died of his wounds in an Israeli hospital on Saturday.

Ahmed's mother says the decision to donate her son's organs was made Sunday as a tribute to his brother, who died at 24 while waiting for a liver transplant. But the desire to help others -- regardless of nationality or political beliefs -- is also directed at sustaining Ahmed's spirit.

"We made the decision to show we want peace -- even if they're Jewish," she said in Arabic. "This way I feel he is still alive."

A chronic shortage of donor organs in Israel is typically explained by Jewish religious taboos against the practice.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Girls, Girls, Girls

Well since we (or should I say Hayley and Theresa) had our girls on November 22nd, Keith & Beth Sparrow also had a girl, Rebecca Faith and Dave & Amy had a girl, Camille Frances. The only exception to the rule is Marko & Laura who had a boy, Sean. Congratulations to all the happy sleepless parents! So far we still haven't heard from Josh & Colleen MacFadyen. Stay tuned :)

I swear to God

Found this from the french political debate last night, CBC leaders debate
Interesting. The moderator would not let the leaders off without actually answering the question: Would they swear on a Bible to keep their promises? Layton, Martin and Harper all replied with the same word: "Absolument. (Absolutely)." Then they went on to pound home their messages again, not willing to lose a chance to say more. But for a second time, Duceppe did not answer with a "yes" or "no."

Monday, December 12, 2005

Welcome to Nanavut

Taking Lukas to daycare is always an adventure! As you've seen, there are always new things to toilets and kitchen sinks on neighbours lawns! You can never guess what is just around the corner. Walking those 3 blocks from our house to the chapel has so many twists and turns, and today was no exception. Lukas found a stick and started drawing in the snow. Any idea what Lukas is drawing? He said to me "Look daddy it's......"
Any guesses?


Considering that my brain is complete mush from so many sleepless baby nights, I had a great laugh at this link. Just click on the flippin link.....dang

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The sick olympics

With a newborn, sick kids and a sick wife this week (and sick myself), I got to wondering if there's some kind of world record for the most throw ups, phlegm, poops and boogers in one home in a week. If nobody's keeping track here on earth, then I'm sure we'll find out who won when we get to heaven. The condition of my family also made me wonder when it would end! So what are we to do when everyone is down for the count? Grab the banjo, call the in-laws and have a concert! Yeehaw! Here are some videos of Lukas singing some favorites, and here are more pictures of Olivia! :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Indoor gas stations

Pulling up to get gas tonight in the freeeeezing -17 windchill cold, when the thought hit me....why hasn't anyone invented INDOOR gas stations??? I'm standing there freezing to death looking over at the "Mr. Lube" attached to the Esso wondering how come they can't have a drive-in gas station to keep everybody warm, check your fluids, sell you Tim Hortons, etc. I mean so many things would be easier. No line-up issues. Nobody backing up in front of somebody else, no honking, no jockeying for position. Just a straight line in and straight line out. Has anyone thought of this before? Would you go to an indoor gas station? I know I would. I'd probably choose to drive an extra block or two just to get there. Maybe I should give Esso a call...hmmm...don't go stealing my idea on me now, OK! Has anyone else thought of this before or am I crazy?

More Babies!

Congratulations to Marko & Laura Peric on the birth of their son! He was 9lbs 5oz and they're naming him Sean or Shawn or Shaun, but hopefully not Shone. Hopefully they'll have some pictures up soon on their site - here. Congratulations!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

So Roman, how did you like CRUX2 @ Leaside?

Roman is demonstrating the featured game from the second CRUX event, the spit-the-banana-through- the-panty-hose-over-your-head game. Quite fun to watch...not sure how much fun it was to play but I'll put some videos and pics up soon so you can see for yourself! Thankfully there were no permanent injuries, except perhaps some bruised egos.

It was a great night, with over 150 teens (and yes we allowed parents) from at least 7 assemblies represented! Sadly none of those assemblies brought anyone with freestyle rapping skills so we were subjected to a rendition of Wierd-Al Yankovics "amish paradise" by Wilks & Brewster during the rap competition. The Leaside praise band was rockin, Matt Wilks spoke powerfully about how Jesus had changed him from a life of drugs, to a life of serving God. As you can see from this picture, the objective was accomplished - Christ Raised Up! Markham Bible Chapel will host the next rally in February, so stay tuned for details!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

December logging in

16Dec05- Fri - youth
15Dec05- Thur
14Dec05- Wed
13Dec05- Tues
12Dec05- Mon
11Dec05- Sun - BofB, FBH with 2 (Cookie, Jamoy)
10Dec05- Sat - Christmas banquet (4) Kevin, Jamoy, Cookie, Katherine
09Dec05- Fri - @Chapel - sermon prep, youth prep, admin. Youth, set up for banquet
08Dec05- Thurs - sick
07Dec05- Wed - sick
06Dec05- Tues - off
05Dec05- Mon - @chapel - Lukas home sick
04Dec05- Sun - Sylas sick
03Dec05- Sat - CRUX leaside
02Dec05- Fri - 25@youth
01Dec05- Thur- @chapel

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

CRUX 2 - Leaside - Saturday - 6:45PM - Be there!

This Saturday is the second CRUX Toronto youth rally, this time held at Leaside Bible Chapel in good old Leaside. Videos and pictures of the last rally are available for those who missed it. This time around the speaker will be Matt Wilks, originally from New Jersey. Hopefully he'll tell us what Zopetopia means, or something about the meaning of life. Also Phil Tremblay and CruxProductions will be in full effect, the Leaside Band will be leading us in worship and of course you'll be treated to the visual hilarity of Nigel & I asking teens Bible questions on the street. This time we went to Leaside High School to see how much the average Canadian teen knows about Christmas. Does anyone know who the Good King Wenceslas was!!??? These teens didn't have a clue. See you there!

Guess who I'm voting for?

Well folks, election time is here! Pretty soon the lawn signs will begin to fly with the snow. The one on the left is by my friend Political Pundit Prescott. If I was campaign manager for Stephen Harper, I would hire Frederik from ING Direct to do commercials for them. "Just dial 1-800-vote-conservative and save your money."

Let us know who you will be voting for on the discussion forum - here, so far it's 5 votes Conservative, 2 votes Green Party!

Monday, November 28, 2005

I look at my daughter...

Driving home last night around 11PM, I heard a song on the radio that I hadn't heard for quite some time. It was called "Heaven" by a band called "Live" and the chorus goes like this:
I don't need no one
to tell me about heaven
I look at my daughter,
and I believe.
I don't need no proof
when it comes to God and truth
I can see the sunset and I perceive

Lots to think about in that song. I don't know how anyone could not believe in God, a loving heavenly father, after having a child.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Olivia at home

Today was our first full day at home together as a family of 5. Hopefully things will be back to normal normal as things can get around here. Come and visit soon :)

And the winner is....

For the past 6 months now, we've been taking entries on the forum for something we like to call 'The Cuthill baby pool'. This little contest is the brainchild of Wayne Mayo, who began in a little room in Charlottetown jotting down a few guesses about when our 2nd son Sylas would be born. He wrote down what date everyone thought, gener, weight and time of arrival. The original contest was basically for friends and family, and my sister Melissa ended up winning the first one, and receiving the prize...Sylas' umbilical cord! She still has it to this day, and cherishes the sweetness of that victory.

This time around we opened up the baby pool to our regular visitors here on the athensBlog. More participants, more entries, but the same coveted umbilical cord! Well not the same one, but you get the idea. On the left margin we posted a little graphic making it possible for folks to enter. And enter they did! Over 50 contestants competed valiantly, but at the end of the day there can only be one winner!

So ladies & gentleman it's fitting at this time to announce the winner of the 3rd Cuthill baby pool:

LEAH MACLEOD!! (who happens to by my wonderful sister-in-law, and Wayne Mayo's daughter)

Let me say that it was a very close contest this time around, but Leah beat out all contenders by skillfully predicting the details of Olivia's arrival a full 4 months in advance! Leah predicted a girl, on Nov. 17th, weighing in at 9lbs 6oz and she also had the time right by specifying between 5:30AM-6:30AM. Congratulations Leah! Expect shipment of the umbilical chord prize within 7-10 business days depending on when it falls off :)

She narrowly beat out our second place finisher Joanna Garner from St. Catherines! . Joanna also predicted a girl, at 5:33AM weighing 9lbs 2oz, and had November 14th.

In third place is Dina Robert who picked a girl, Nov. 21, 9lbs 2oz and 8:34AM.

Honourable mention goes to Paul Roides, Bobbie Easton and Doug Jones - however their entries came past the cut-off date within one week of the date of birth. Still their prophetic skills are to commended! Perhaps the gift of prophesy has not ceased after all :)

Finally I'd like to thank everyone for participating! Although everyone can't be a winner, we can all share in the joy of watching a new life grow.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Day 4 - finally home!

Today we got to go home from the hospital! Hooray! Olivia will get to sleep in her own little bed tonight. More pictures and videos from today as well as a few new ones from yesterday and some excellent shots taken by Cassie & Mark - here. Now that we're home, hopefully life will return to normal and the winner of the baby pool will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Day 3 - Her future's so bright she's gotta wear shades!

Who is John Dis and Billy Reuben anyways? Seems like our little girl is in the hospital for another night. Hayley however has been discharged, so i snapped a few of these shots when I was in getting her lunch. A few Videos and pictures

Olivia looking girly

2nd day of life

Good morning everybody! More pictures from day 2, and videos

**In other baby news, we're proud to report the birth of Lydia, new daughter to the Sabines!! She was born the same day as Olivia! Nov. 22, 10:04pm, 7 pounds 15 ounces.

** Congratulations Sabines!! **

(coincidentally Hayley and L were also born on the same day, and now have girls that were born on the same day!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mommy is doing fine!

Hayley is doing quite well. Up and walking. Baby is feeding well. Thanks for your prayers for a great delivery! Hopefully we will have the official winner of the Cuthill baby pool a little later today.

The sayings of Lukas v14 - First Impressions

Folks, for this edition of the "Sayings of Lukas" we're going to let the video do the talking. Here is Lukas' first impression of his little baby sister.

Say hello to Olivia

Time: 5:47AM - Weight: 9.5lbs - Date: Nov. 22 - Gender: Girl - Name: Olivia

-> First videos - click here (requires Quicktime player - here)
-> Pictures - Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Marks pics from hospital, 2 Weeks old
-> Baby Pool results

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Monday, November 21, 2005

Contractions, Contractions, Contractions...

but no baby. Hayley has been having contractions steady for about a week. Thursday night they were quite intense, but went away. Tonight they are even more intense but we'll see if they stay that way or if we'll just go to bed. I can tell they are more intense this time because everything I do is a million times more annoying to writing this blog entry :)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The sayings of Lukas v13 - Spelling

While we're all waiting for Baby3 I thought i would insert some comic relief, brought to you by Lukas.

Lukas: Mommy, that tree over there looks like the guy that didn't get on the spaceship
Mommy: Who's that?
Lukas: You know the guy that missed the spaceship
Mommy: Oh you mean E.T.
Lukas: Ya him...(long pause)..mommy how do you spell E.T.?

Today is Hayley's due date

It doesn't look promising that another child will be making their appearance today. But stay tuned.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday, November 11, 2005

Mike James, my new favorite Raptor!

So Jamoy, how did you like the raptors game?

Here are some videos and pics of the raptors game tonight. The night was packed with wholesome gooness. We got to hear Mike James share about his faith in Jesus, we had lots of fun, excitement and pretty much everybody won prizes, and despite the score on the board a good time was had by all. God was glorified and many teens heard the Word.

As Mike Janes said it doesn't matter what the score was, we have the Victory if we know Christ. Here are a few videos, and pics from the evening.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The sayings of Lukas v12 - Ear wax

Today Lukas made a discovery that all little people need to make. Ear wax and boogers are different. They may look the same but don't be fooled!

Lukas: Mommy when I put my finger in my ear blood comes out
Mommy: Blood!
Lukas: Not real blood, yellow blood
Mommy: oh, you mean ear wax
Lukas: comes out and looks like boogers (laughing and attempting to smear it on mommy's face)
Lukas: but it doesn't taste like boogers, it tastes like butter


Monday, November 07, 2005

Two weeks and counting

Some of you are wondering where this baby is? Well it's 2 weeks away from it's official arrival. Now is your last chance to enter the baby pool! Hopefully I'll post a final belly pic soon!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Raptors game

Everybody who wants to go to the raptors game needs to get their money in. Check the pics from last year - here

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

5th shooting on Morecambe - please pray

Since July of this year there have been 5 shootings on the street where our youth come from - Morecambe gate. One was a robbery, one was a scuffle for jewelery, one was random. This past week however things intensified, so I wanted to ask everyone please pray for this area and the people who are suffering at this time. Pray for our youth who are affected by this, that they would turn to the Lord for comfort.

First, last Tuesday, Oct 25 - article here
Morecambe Gate, near Victoria Park and Finch, just after 11 o'clock last night. A 22-year-old man who's apparently known to police was shot in the upper torso. He was reportedly taken to hospital by a friend, and is being treated at Scarborough Grace for non-life-threatening injuries.
Then on Monday night a man was shot and killed (possibly in retaliation) just next door to where one of our youth lives. I was there Thursday, Friday, Saturday and picked the guys up for church Sunday. Pray for these guys who are growing up seeing shootings like this:

CBC short article, AM 640 article, Scarborough Mirror article:
Father of two shot at own front door, ANDREW PALAMARCHUK, Nov. 2, 2005

A Scarborough father of two young children was gunned down early yesterday at a townhouse at 51 Morecambe Gate in the Finch and Victoria Park avenues area. Emergency crews rushed to the home around 2:30 a.m. and located the lifeless body of a man in his 20s with gunshot wounds to the face and chest. Police didn't release the name of the victim, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Local residents identified the victim as Hainsley McLean, who goes by the nicknames Country and Cracker.

A woman who didn't give her name suggested there's a "turf war" between residents of a complex nicknamed "Up Top" on Chester Le Boulevard north of Morecambe Gate and residents of the Morecambe Gate complex, which is also known as "Down Bottom." She said she's now scared to open her door because "you don't know who's going to get it next." Police said two males wearing dark clothing were seen fleeing the area after the gunfire. Police have vague descriptions of the suspects.

An area resident said he was sitting in a backyard with a friend when they heard two shots. "I just heard bang, bang," said the man, who didn't give his name. "That did make us jump. It was really loud." The man said gunshots are not uncommon in the area. He hears them about once a week. "It's getting really crazy here now," he said.

This was the second fatal shooting in the neighbourhood this year.

On Aug. 5, Melbourne Glendon Whittick was shot in the abdomen after becoming involved in a dispute with two men while walking to a bus stop on Victoria Park Avenue north of Finch Avenue. Police said the 27-year-old was heading home from a barbecue with friends at the Morecambe Gate complex. Police believe the suspects may have been after the gold chain Whittick was wearing.
Please pray that these incidents would not intensify in this "turf war", and that rival gangs will not retaliate for this senseless killing. Pray that many youth would turn to the Lord as a result of this tragedy and stay out of gangs. Pray for us too that we would know how to counsel youth and families dealing with this tragedy. Lord help us all!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

200th member contest winner crowned!

Well folks, it's now November 1st and as promised the winner of the 200th member contest received her prize! If you check out the discussion forum today you'll notice a picture of MG (the 200th member winner) at the top. Congratulations once again to MG!

November loggin in

30Nov05- Wed - MAC christian fellowship
29Nov05- Tues
28Nov05- Mon- chapel office
22Nov05-Olivia! - in hospital till Friday
21Nov05- Mon-Zoo, chapel, hayley in labour
20Nov05- Sun-BofB, FBH with 5 (Clayon, Kevin, jamoy, deshawn, nabil[first])
19Nov05- Sat-Feast with 5 (Clayon, Kevin, Jamoy, Deshawn, Frank)
16Nov05-18Nov05 - Mosaic Conference@Queensway
12Nov05- Sat - Missionary Breakfast intro, present, pray. CRUX meeting. Hayley at funeral
11Nov05- Fri - Raptors game with 41
10Nov05- Thurs- raptors planning
09Nov05- Wed-Bible study at D.Sutherlands with Clayon, Jamoy
08Nov05- Tues-raptors planning
07Nov05- Mon-raptors planning
06Nov05- Sun- BofB, FBH with 7 (Cookie, Kellz, Jamoy, Kevin, Clayon, Novella, Glenda), 5 over for lunch, Lorrie Fish 50th, evening meeting at Markham
05Nov05- Sat- Feast
04Nov05- Fri- new furnace@house, 25@youth, Brian Doyle spoke, 4 over after (clayon, kevn, cookie, josh)
03Nov05- Thurs- 9AM - read to daycare kids, 50 tracts@MAC,
02Nov05- Wed - 9AM - prayer with Max, CRUX video>Nigel&Greg. Visit Chester Le
01Nov05- Tues - fix car

Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween scary saying of Lukas!!

It was a dark and story night....Grammy MacLeod was visiting from PEI.... and decided it was time for a haircut! Unbeknownst to her, this would be unlike any haircut she had ever had before!! As she sat snipping off her locks, she dispensed the trimmed strands into the toilet! A glob of hairy mess was all that remained after the job was done!

Later that same night her unsuspecting young grandson Lukas hopped up onto the same toilet to do his business, not looking at what lay inside!!

After finishing all necessary toilet duties, Lukas peered into the basin to see what he had accomplished! The shocked 4 year-old, seeing the hairy mess, gasped:
What's that stuff in the toilet!!!"

Mommy replied: Lukas, Grammy cut her hair, that's just grammy's hair in there"

Lukas was puzzled and screeched: I know it's grammy's hair but how did it get in my bum ???

Friday, October 28, 2005

Decisions, decisions

As the debate rages on the discussion forum over wether halloween is satanic or simple fun -> here, Marko in PEI has developed:

Those of you who are having trouble deciding what to be this year, click on the tombstone and give it a try! Also, for those of you in the Toronto area, don't forget the Pumpkin Hunt this Saturday!!! Click - here - for details

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

You know you grew up in the 80's when....

This is today's ReverendFun comic. Those of us who grew up in the 80's will appreciate the humour!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

We have a winner...

Well folks, it's been a week of waiting for the final tally of the 200th member award. After the removal of the spam user "tusk" the next user "jan", was unable to prove her human nature, and hasn't even activated her account. Considering she had a .pl email address, like tusk, we bit the bullet and deleted jan so we could get on with the contest! Jan, if you're a real person and reading this, my humblest apologies to you, and the polish people. Feel free to re-register.

Therefore, the winner of the 200th member contest is MG!!!!Congratulations!!!

As the grand prize winner, mg gets to choose the picture at the top of the forum for the month of November. Stay tuned to see which pic she picks!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Birthday times 2, happy birthday times 2....

Today is our boys birthday! Both of our guys have their birthday on the same day. Lukas was born October 21st, 2001 at 8:13AM and Sylas was born October 21st, 2003 at 5:47PM! Happy Birthday boys!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

200th member recount

Like with any good democratic process, there is bound to be those who disrupt law and order for their own persuits. Such is the case with our little 200th user contest. A few "spam users" have registered on the forum so we are still sorting out who will be crowned 200th user. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 14, 2005

200th member contest - Lurkers arise!

Since Januray of this year it's been amazing to see our little website grow! Over 30,000 visitors! Over 10,000 posts! Members have signed up on the forum from at least 15 countries, and every province in Canada (sorry no territories yet)

However, we are about to register out 200th member on the forum!! As of Friday, October 14th we sit at 198 members. To commemorate the registration of our 200th member we're going to celebrate the way we always do on the athensBlog, we're going to have a contest!

Calling all lurkers
- this is your chance! If you've been reading this site for some time now, browsing here and there, but never really "getting into it", register today and win! What will you win you'll get to be the 200th member, isn't that enough?

If you're greedy, and if Matt Wilks can pull it off, we'll put your picture on the top of the forum (where my lovely family is now situated) for a month. Sound good? Well don't just sit there - click here to go to the discussion forum- and get registering!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Matt & Ruth updated their blog with a report on how they are doing in Pakistan - click here.

Why I don't give money to panhandlers

Coming off the Allen expressway at Eglinton I spotted a guy at the lights holding this sign. When the traffic stopped he put the sign down and went from car to car asking for change. I managed to snap a pic of his sign.

At least he was being honest, and I'm not even so sure he was all that homeless but my personal opinion is that it's better to give money to organizations like the Salvation Army, or Sanctuary than people panhandling.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The sayings of Sylas V4 - David & Goliath

Reading over some Bible stories today with the boys, when I asked Sylas what he knew about the story of David & Goliath:

Shawn: Do you remember what happened to Goliath
Sylas: ...hit....rock...hit head
Shawn: Then what happened
Sylas: ..go down...(flopping in his highchair to demonstrate)

Pray for Pakistan

Just received an email from our friends A and K who provided us with this picture of their old house in Pakistan.
our house is right there beside the rubble on the first floor & it is slightly damaged from the side
Pray for this country, the people, the government and especially Matt & Ruth.

*UPDATE* Chatting with "A" today who gave me this link for more pics and videos from local pakistani news :

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Catechumen V2

Back in June I posted the first installment of my search for early Christianity - here. Reading through Augustine's "Confessions", I discovered a group in the early church called Catechumen:
Catechumens were a well recognized group that would attend church services although they had to leave before the Eucharist. They could call themselves "Christians", not "seekers" or "the faithful".
Since Augustine lived in the late 4th century, I've been searching for earlier references to this church system, and how the "seekers", "cathechumen", "Christians" and "faithful" worked together in a local church.

Much to my delight I was reading yesterday in the "Ancient Christian Commentary", which my bro Matt Wilks has so graciously lent me, when I found this gem about Origen and what meetings at a local church were like around 200AD!
1. There was a weekly service on the Lord's Day which included three readings from Scripture - one from the Old Testament; one from the apostles, that is, from one of the New Testament epistles or Acts; and finally one from one of the four Gospels - each of which was followed by a short sermon. The ministry of the Word was then followed by prayers and communion. Nautin figures that by the time of Origen the reading of a lesson from the Law followed by a lesson from the Prophets had already been consolidated into a single lesson.

2. The second type of service was the midweek communion service held on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. These services concluded the weekly fast days observed by Christians at that period. At these services, according to Nautin, there was a reading from the Gospels and perhaps one from the apostels, but probably not from the Old Testament.

3. Finally there was a third type of service, the daily morning prayer service at which there was a reading from the Old Testament and, following it, an hour-long sermon, but no New Testament reading. Only these services were open to catechumens, according to Nautin.
(Old, Biblical Period, pp.341,42, citing P. Nautin, Origene, sa Vie et Son Oeuvre (Paris:Beauchesne, 1977), pp.389-412)
Since this system was in place just under 200 years after Christ, and some of our current church "systems" have been around for only 200 years (Brethren, Baptist, Pentecostal), this "snapshot" of the early church may be an exact replica of how the apostles conducted their meetings! This is authentic New Testament Christianity!

Again the idea of a layered approach, specifically in reference to the catechumen is firmly in place. As was noted in my last post there was not one general service for everyone, but rather levels whereby interested "seekers" could grow in grace and move up to hear more serious teaching.

What caught my attention most of all was the communion services on Wednesday night and Friday night, held after a fast. Imagine the power this would fuse into a community of believers! Imagine if we all came together for our mid-week bible studies knowing that everyone else had been fasting and praying ALL DAY! What power! Then to have communion together would further bind that community together. God help us as we seek to rediscover this New Testament Chrisianity!

Some questions for the discussion forum:

1. Should we be breaking bread 3 times a week?
2. Should we have a system for "seekers", "catechumen", "christians" and "faithful" instead of simply a sermon for everyone on Sunday morning?
3. Should we be fasting twice a week?
4. Should we be meeting every morning for prayer?

Should anything hold us back from changing our assemblies so they are more fitted to New Testament Christianity?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The sayings of Lukas V11 - The vegetarian

Today we were driving in the van and asked Lukas what he wanted to eat at Burger King. Here's how the discussion went:

Mommy: What do you want to eat Lukas? Chicken Nuggets?.....(no response) A burger....(long silence)...How about snails? (hoping to get some response)
Lukas: Mommy, we don't eat animals!
Mommy: (laughing) OK, what do you want to eat then? Vegetables?
Lukas: No, we don't eat animals or vegetables, we eat normal food....I want chicken nuggets!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Seeing as it's the first of a new month I wanted to write a bit about a new service I discovered online called This site helps charities by setting up online donations for them. I went on the site and found some of my favorites on their like MSC, Hellenic Ministries and Frontiers. You can make one-time donations or there is a neat monthly donation feature. I gave it a try last month, chose MSC, then designated a "worker" in the comments section and the money comes off my credit card automatically each month! Cool beans! Check it out at

October loggin in

31Oct05- Mon - 7:30-9:30 - BBC leaders meeting
30Oct05- Sun - BofB (over 70), FBH with 4, Kellz, Cookie, Mickey, Jamoy. Mom's birthday
29Oct05- Sat - Pumpkin hunt with Nikko, Tricia, Michelle, Mina, Carina
28Oct05- Fri - Spoke at LAM christian fellowship, 50 tracts @ MAC, Dominoes with Jason, Josh, Jamoy, Kevin, Tony at Wilfreds (regular youth at Bridlegrove)
27Oct05 -Thurs - read to daycare kids, 50 tracts @ LAM, visit thursday program
26Oct05- Wed - prayer
24Oct05- Mon - admin, correspondence, planning (9->3PM=6hours)
23Oct05- Sun - 10:30-2:30->FBH with 7 (Jamoy, Cookie, Mickey, Kellz, Kevin, Clayon, Rashad[first]), spoke at Don Valley Missionary Luncheon. Evening 5:30-9:30 Markham Bible Chapel evening service, chatted with youth leaders, friday speakers, farewell for McGraths/Shauna-Lee (8hrs)
22Oct05- Sat - Feast with Jamoy, Cookie, Kevin, Clayon - 5PM-11PM (6hours)
21Oct05- Fri - Daycare closed for water repair, Lukas birthday party at Daycare - night: Youth vs. Fellowship of men (33 + F.O.M - 36), Arnie spoke - 5PM-11PM (6hours)
20Oct05- Thur- 9:30AM-4:30PM Hayley nursing course@baycrest
19Oct05- Wed - 9:30AM-4:30PM (7hrs)- installing Bridlegrove computers (internet, Virus scan, network, wireless), 7:45-9:45 Bible study (2hrs)
18Oct05- Tues-
17Oct05- Mon - Hayley's parents arrive
16Oct05- Sun - BofB, FBH with 5 - Kevin, Jamoy, Cookie, Kellz, Deshawn (first time), Shawn's birthday
14Oct05- Fri - youth - 27 (3 Leaside),
13Oct05- Thurs - Read to daycare kids, speak at Awana
12Oct05- Wed - Pumpkin Hunt planning, Hilltop, Bible study (Clayon, Kellz, Cookie, Sebastian)
11Oct05- Tues- admin
10Oct05- Mon - Thanksgiving
09Oct05- Sun - BofB, FBH (7) with Clayon, Kevin, Jamoy, Cookie, Kellz, Noah, Frank
08Oct05- Sat - prayer n share, CRUX planning
07Oct05- Fri - youth (18), John Merrick spoke
06Oct05- Thurs - 200 tracts @ MAC with Greg Gordon (chat with Mrs. Western, break up Chris/Thanusan fight)
05Oct05- Wed - prayer, (event) Clayon, Kevin, Cookie, Stephen to UAC for Hip Hop Hoe-down with Jesse Weeks
04Oct05- Tues - doctor
03Oct05- Mon - correspondence, Q3 report,
02Oct05- Sun - BofB, FBH with 10 - Kevin, Cookie, Kellz, Nathan, Frank, Clayon, Jordan & friend, Jamoy, Nickey. Markham fair with kids.
01Oct05- Sat - 10-9 Wonderland with Jason, Joy, Ryan, Katherine, Mark, Cassie

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Crux videos online

On Saturday night, the CRUX rally was half over when Sebastian asked me "Yo why aren't we taping this". Honestly, I hadn't thought of it before, and Sebastian hadn't asked me earlier (perhaps because he came in late, which won him a "CP time award") so I grabbed the video camera, gave it to Sebastian and he started recording. As you watch the videos just keep in mind that Sebastian is doing his best, and keep focused on the Christ-exalting lyrics! Praise God! Praise God! I've chopped the entire video down into little pieces. Jason's talk is 133MB so I'm going to chop it into segments soon.

For now, click here, then choose a video!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Random Ministry pics V1

To help keep everyone updated on our ministry here in Toronto we've developed a new section of the blog called "Random Ministry pics". This will be a regular feature from time to time as new pics become available. These may be informative, humorous, serious or just random pictures. These pictures provide a quick visual reminder for those who pray for us.

This week you've already seen the CRUX pics, but today I saw this picture of Hayley and just had to post it. I'm not sure what she's doing with those chopsticks, perhaps trying to figure out the best way to attack the chinese dishes in front of her? Perhaps planning a way to impale herself so she doesn't have to consume the unkown chinese delicacies? What do you think she's doing with her chopsticks? This picture was taken when we went for dinner at our neighbours house, Sherri and Feng who are new Chinese immigrants to Canada. We have talked to them many times about the Lord, but they remain Buddhist, as was evidenced by the statues around their home. We have given them books like John Piper's "The Passion of Jesus Christ" to read. Please pray for them that they would understand the gospel!

Which childhood hero are you?

I saw these on Hansens blog and just had to do them myself. Give em a try!:

1. Which Transformer are you? - click here

2. Which Ninja Turtle are you? - click here

Monday, September 26, 2005

CrossMovement concert this Friday

For the first time ever (well at least the first time I can remember) the CrossMovement is in Toronto!!! If you don't know, CrossMovement is the finest in Christian hip-hop. Just check out their lyrics - here. Especially their hit "Lord you are". The concert is this Friday, 6PM @ Canada Christian College! 15.00 at the door. Be there. More details - click here

Lego Bible updated

Just updated yesterday! Click the link ->here<- to see what Samson would look like if he was a lego figure :)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

CRUX began

So, how did you like it Kevin?

Check out the pictures of the first CRUX rally -> here <-

If you have a few minutes you can download a copy of the CRUX video we showed - here. This clip is the first copy that Mark Jenkinson put together for us. It's 66MB and will probably take about 5 minutes to download, but shows Nigel and I randomly asking Bible questions to teens in front of local higshcools. Their answers are priceless! My favorite line from the video...

Shawn: If you heard the word Calvary, what would you think of?
Ali: I would think of...uhhh....cows?

Also, comment on how you feel about Christian rap in church -> here <- Some are quite opposed to it, others are using it to advance the kingdom. What's your take? Is it evil? Compromise? Or is it cutting edge ministry? Many have posted their opinions on the discussion forum....

"This whole modern movement about using entertainment and gimmicks to bring people into church to hear the gospel is disturbing. Just give me good old fashion gospel preaching."

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

CRUX - Saturday - 6:45PM - Be there!

This Saturday we're hosting our first CRUX youth rally at Bridlegrove. CRUX stands for C.hrist R.aised U.p X is the cross. We've got the Markham band, me & Nigel hosting with some videos, Jesse Weeks will be talking about his recent missions trip to Mexico, Mark Jenkinson's got games with prizes, Crux Productions will bring some sweet beats (including R.O.C.K. who performed last summer at the Bridlegrove concert- here), Jason V will be telling his testimony of how he found new life in Christ (the theme of the night is "New Beginnings") and of course food, fun and fellowship in the gym after. This is a seriously packed evening. There is something for absolutely everyone, so make sure you load up your car with as many youth/College kids as you can and come out to Bridlegrove Saturday at 6:45PM. Be there! Directions at

Monday, September 19, 2005

What's goin on in there?

I have to admit I was much more fascinated with the whole baby process with my first 2 children. Terrible dad that I am, I have hardly payed attention to the 3rd little life growing in Hayley's belly. Last night Hayley and I were up talking and I think God gave us a name for this baby!
So today, as a way to get more acquainted with my 3rd, I pulled out my copy of "As your baby grows". It shows in depth pictures of the baby's development. Very interesting stuff.

Here's what's going on during the 7th month of pregnancy:

- baby can flex muscles (perhaps arnold would be a good name?)
- baby's eyelids slowly open, can regonize light and darkness
- baby can make grasping motions (Jacob & Esau)
- baby's taste buds are developed
- baby weighs about 3 pounds and is about 11 inches long
- mother may be able to sense the baby's personality

Saturday, September 17, 2005 issue cleared up

Previously, I had posted a concern about a site which left a comment - here. I have since removed that post, and I'm happy to report contact with one of the webmasters of, who ran that blog. He was quite gracious in helping me understand their situation. For those who saw that post, here is an explanation.

First off, CMML was well aware that the folks owned the CMML.ORG site, and were redirecting it to their own page. That puts to rest any fears I had about them doing it without CMML's knowledge. I was mostly confused about this point and seeing that it is clear an all sides I'll apologize here publicly for jumping to conclusions.

Next, the pb/katrina blog expired because it was a typepad 30 day trial. The blog in question has expired and a new blog has taken it's place. The crew has a new blog - - here about the Katrina relief effort. On that new blog they will link to the official CMML page. I'm amazed at how easily things got worked out really. Thanks to the bro's at for working things out with me! Shalom!

Friday, September 16, 2005

It's on!

The pumpkin hunt is on boys and girls and Bridlegrove will defend it's championship mightily!! Here's the poster:

The invite:

Where: Sanctuary : Yonge & Bloor : Toronto
When: October 29th, 6PM - 10PM
Who: You, bring your youth/C&C group
What: The event is a race through the Toronto Subway system to find "The Great Pumpkin". Participants from all over Ontario start at Sanctuary where they get into groups of 5, recieve clues, and then head out to find more clues in the subway. The final clue rests with an individual who holds "the Great Pumpkin". When that pumpkin is retreived the victorious team is rewarded with prizes. Last year we won 25 dollar gift certificates - sweet!

Here are the details of last years triumphant victory. Bring your youth group and prepare to be humiliated!! Muwahhahahahah.

Mel's teaching in Timmins

athensBlog team member Melanie Gibbons recently updated her blog - here to let us know how she's doing up in Timmins.

She writes:
I have a week of teaching under my belt. I have met with nervous, but no throwing up, (from myself or parents) so there's a plus.
I have managed to make a student cry....I wasn't even using my mean voice..but I got hugged after, so it's all good.
Way to go Mel! Keep us posted.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The sayings of Sylas v3

Tonight I was reading bedtime bible stories to the boys. I asked which story the boys would like and Sylas was the quickest to blurt out "NOAH". We started to read the first page, then i pointed to the picture of Noah and said:

Daddy: Sylas, who's this
Sylas: noah...people go in...
Lukas: That's Noah and the ark
Sylas: awk daddy....awk...animals go in...

The sayings of Lukas v10

This morning I was describing to Hayley what Lukas had said yesterday. At the breakfast table I asked Lukas the ways that he could help with the new baby, and we talked about his previous answers.

Daddy: Lukas are there any other ways you can help when the new baby comes?
Lukas: weeeeeelll....I could help keep the baby quiet in chapel-church

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The sayings of Lukas v9

Walking to daycare today Lukas and I were chatting.

Daddy: When the new baby comes we'll need lots of help from you. What are some ways that you can help me and mommy with the new baby?
Lukas: weeeeeelllllll.....i can rock the baby
Lukas: I can...sing to the baby
Lukas: I have boob-boobs
Daddy: ? Do you want to help mommy by feeding the baby milk? (smiling)
Lukas: No...they're not that big

Monday, September 12, 2005

Rachel and Hayley

While I was posting the belly pic I rememberd that we have been told many times that Hayley looks like the lead actress from the movie "The Notebook" Rachel McAdamas. We hadn't seen the movie until we went to PEI where Joel & Amanda had a copy so I got to see for myself. Here's the comparison, notice especially the cheeks, nose, mouth and even similar moles. Click on the pictures to make them larger. Keep in mind that McAdams has had hours in makeup for the movie, and Hayley has had hours of hassles from our 2 boys :)
While I was posting pics, I just had to post a pic I took in PEI of my super boys: