Monday, April 18, 2005

Toronto health care...

Alot happened today. My grandpa is in the hospital so you can pray for him. I visited him with my dad. Met my Aunt Heather there. Had a good chat with them. Hayley took the car in to get checked, they told her it was going to be over 500. Lukas was complaining alot about his ear so we took him to the walk in clinic. Sylas also has a cold. I noticed a sign at the clinic that said "Only 2 questions per visit". Since we have 2 kids, that means 1 question each. The doctor looked at Lukas, told us he had a bad ear infection, then checked Sylas and said he didn't. Since our 2 questions were up the doctor promptly turned and walked out of the room to the next patient. What would I do if I had 3 kids?
I guess we'll have to come back tomorrow for our next 2 questions. Until then I'll just rest assured that Sylas is not up screaming because of an ear infection.

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Anonymous said...

I think Toronto has a great health care system and I hope we can adapt to a universal system similiar to there health coverage.