Monday, March 14, 2005

Pray for Peterborough posse please

Just wanted to ask for prayer for a "missions trip" I'm leading this week.
No it's not to Greece, or Africa or the Middle East.
It's a missions trip TO US!!!

A group of young people from Peterborough Ontario, on their march break, are coming down here to Toronto to stay with us and experience the big bad multicultural city!

Steve Yuille got the ball rolling, and the team of 10 young people will be accompanied by Jim Easton, and the fearless Doug Anderson ( and his 12-seater van from Braidwood Bible Chapel. The van will be full to the brim with teenage zeal so pray for us as we visit many locations throughout the city doing evangelism and encountering many different cultures and religions! We'll be visiting a Mosque, a Hindu temple, touring MSC, Sanctuary, street preaching, handing out tracts, knocking on doors, meeting with ethnic believers and unbelievers, and dining on some of the hottest foods these kids have ever tasted!! Wow, what a way to spend your March Break!

It is bound to be something the kids will never forget. Perhaps this is something you too could do with your youth group. If you want to take your kids on a missions trip, but are concerned about how much it will cost to go overseas, why not come down to Toronto? Bring em down, we've got room!!

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