Saturday, March 12, 2005

Michelle :: I hate hymns

In the forum discussion about "Rap music in worship" - HERE - there have been many opinions flying around about what is appropriate music:

Pucci said:
Rapping scripture? You are kidding me right? I can tell that to my husband who is a non-believer and he would laugh and even say something is wrong with thatIf you are going to be just like the world and do things just like the world then there is no distinction between a christian and a lost person. The lost person will see no difference between themselves and a Christian and they will think why do they need to be saved if these "saved people are just like me."

Well we asked Mark P, and Michelle - regular forum participants - who are not believers, to post their thoughts and test this theory.

Mark said:
There is nothing wrong with music being used to spread the word in my opinion. I am not "saved" as some of you might say, but I see no wrong in it.
Michelle flat out said:
I'm not a "christian", but i do attend services occassionally, and personally i hate hymns. They bore me.
So there you have it. Maybe more folks would come to our churches if we were a bit more accepting. Also, those of us who make such strong statements about what the "world" will like and not like, should try asking a few of them first to make sure. Or at least try to break out of our little christian "kumaya group" and reaching out in creative ways! :)

I'd be interested to hear what Pucci's husband actually thought of the idea. Any other unbelievers out there that think rapping in church is a bad idea? Watering down the message? Being like the world?

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