Sunday, March 20, 2005

Drums in the assembly?

Take a read of Dave the Aussies blog - HERE - to hear how he effectively did what we are talking about on the forum, namely putting old hymns to moden music! Dave attends a plymouth brethren assembly in Australia (Sydney):
I think the highlight of my weekend would have been today... As a Christian Assembly (generically Plymouth Bretheren) music at our church is very conservative. Usually old songs, written before I was born. Recently the older people in our church have been working hard and we have been getting music around the 1980's at church. We've always only had a single piano with a violin being added in the last six months or played Drums in front of 200 people..."Grace of God" that the general reaction was good. As in most conservative churches there are people who don't think too highly of the drums and we were really worried that we would offend. So far no comment, actually one more conservative brother approached Ranen and gave him positive feedback Smile
..In some respects it is a reason why we picked a song with such good lyrics ( The old "solid rock hymn" we played with a modern tune)...I think by the end of it most people were comfortable with it and I think it opens the door for the future where we can play praise God through music in a modern way without distracting or compromising true worship Smile

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