Thursday, March 03, 2005

February report

Sorry these are a bit late. My grandma's funeral took priority.
Month end stats:
5 - stayed overnight (michelle for a week)
18 - over to house to eat
2 - home bible studies
100 tracts
40 kids at youth (20/week avg, 3 new)
Preached 3 times
1 event - superbowl with clayon/kevin

Before Israel - click here
Israel - details- click here

While in Israel:
-michelle here all week
-joy peat stays overnight
-Jason & Eder over
-shauna over
-babysat lisa & samantha
-Mona's funeral
-Lukas at sick kids

After Israel:

23Feb05-Wed - arrive 6PM Pearson
24Feb05-Thurs - recovery day
25Feb05-Fri - Evaline does youth, Shawn gets news of grandma's passing - meet family
26Feb05-Sat - Colleen over
27Feb05-Sun - BofB, FBH, lunch with aunts, plan funeral
28Feb05-Mon - visit funeral home, prepare eulogy
01March05 - Funeral

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