Thursday, October 07, 2004

Day in the life

For those of you wondering "What does Shawn do all day", let me give you a little insight, as well as asking for prayer for a number of contacts that were made today.

1. Started off by reading Bible stories to the daycare kids. Today it was "Father Abraham". Lots of fun tryin to explain how two people in their 80's have a baby to 4 year olds. Luckily none of them knew the extremely annoying "Father Abraham" song. I would have not heard the end of that.

2. Had lunch with Clayon today at "Free topping pizza". Him and about 10 of his closest friends stood around eatin pizza behind the convenience store as guys walked by in their "do rags" yellin "where's my weed". This was a good intro to Timothy Eaton School. I'll be there tomorrow (Friday) to give out Bibles and invite the guys to play basketball on Friday. Pray for the seed to grow in this school, i've never had any contact there, only LAM and MAC. Connected today with Clayon's friends Shelton, Jamal, Jerome, and others.

3. Went to MAC highschool - click here with DJ Scott Grieve. I brought a 5 dollar bill with me to offer to anyone who could tell me all the Ten Commandments in order. We gave out over 200 or so tracts and had some great chats, but none of the 200 or so kids we talked to knew the Ten Commandments! Do you know them? Try to type em in the comments. We ran into Nagma again, as well as Nilu, Angie, Shane and the other regulars and I gave a copy of the injil to Nilu and Nagma. At one point there must have been at least 30 kids around us all brainstorming and writing down what the ten commandments were that they knew. Classic. I figured that the 5.00 was safe in my pocket until a little guy named Raj ran up to me with a print-out with the Ten Commandments on it!!! He had gone in the school, gone on the internet and printed them off! I told him that unless he could say them without looking i wouldn't hand over the cash. Well, his bus came and all his friends got on, but he stayed with us for at least another half hour and memorized them right there on the spot. I had to fork over the 5.00 (which I had borrowed from Uncle Wally in the first place) :) Even more important than the 5.00 was the realization that we have really connected on a spiritual level with some of those kids. It's good that we've been there almost every week for a year now and are seeing some deeper conversations and getting emails. Some said they might even come play basketball on Friday. One guy last week asked me for an interview for his "World Religions class". Praise God, things are good.

4. Tonight we met at the chapel at 6:30 when everyone was showing up for Awana. Who did I see walk in the door? Abigail from daycare!!! and her dad Bernard. Praise God! Also the Silvera's were there and so it was just good to see all these contacts coming together!

5. Hayley and I were there printing up some flyers to give about Awana in the neighbourhood, while the program was on. Clayon came, Josh came, Jason Tremblay came, and we headed to Hepscott court. Hayley went with Josh and they talked to a buddhist lady named "Carrie" who said "I was just sitting here thinking about what to do with my children on a Thursday night. I'm buddhist, but not really because I believe there is one God." She said she would bring her kids out next week. More prayer please.

6. Then after dropping off the flyers in the neighbourhood, we headed back to our house to meet Maggie & Derek (our wonderful Chinese friends) for a Bible study. We started in chapters 1 to 4 of Romans going through the 4 C's that prove God's existence outside of the Bible - Creation - Conscience - Condition (sinful) - Christ. Maggie & Derek were taught in China that God did not exist and had lots of questions about evolution. We directed them to Dr. Kent Hovind's website - click here for more scientific info. We have met with them informally for almost a year now. They read the childrens Bible I gave them every night and are getting a better handle on the language. Do pray for the language barrier, but also for the explosive potential of the Chinese community. They are hungry for God's word. Last week Ming Peng baptized 23 people down the road, some of them were our ESL students. Pray that Maggie, Derek & their friends would be that breakthrough for Bridlegrove to tap into the Chinese community.

Now I am just sitting here thanking God for the opportunities he gives us every day to share his message with those around us, and the contacts that he puts in our way as we go. Let's take a minute to thank him for all the great things he has done...

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