Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oldie but goodie Thorncliffe article

I found this link - here - to a portion of the 2003 Globe & Mail article on Thorncliffe titled "Tales from the Towers":
Globe reporter JAN WONG immersed herself in a high-rise community in east central Toronto, a magnet for some of the most highly educated newcomers to Canada, so well known that in India, Pakistan and parts of the Middle East, people don't talk about moving to Toronto, they talk about moving to Thorncliffe Park...

In one tower, Gharzai Ranzooryar is dragging himself up after an overnight shift at Rabba Fine Foods. In Afghanistan, he was an ear, nose and throat specialist. In Toronto, he works two low-paying jobs to meet the monthly $1,300 rent for an apartment that houses three generations of his family...
Read more of this amazing article available online - here

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