Thursday, May 08, 2008

Walking Thorncliffe Park

For the past 2 years an initiative called Jane's walk has encouraged people to walk through the less desirable areas of Toronto. Thorncliffe Park is on the list and a recent walker has an excellent article about our sweet neighbourhood!
As I noted earlier, Thorncliffe Park is built in a “U” shape with a series of tall and mid-sized towers wrapping around a series of amenities in the middle - the East York Town Centre mall, an elementary school, and a park. Connections can be made both along the “U” of Thorncliffe Park Drive, and through a pair of pedestrian pathways crossing each other in the middle of the “U”. The elementary school, located right behind the mall, has 1,900 students, making it the largest elementary school in North America....

Although Thorncliffe Park is reasonably coherent in terms of internal walking, it remains desperately isolated from the rest of the city
Read the rest of the article and see pictures here

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