Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesday Prayer requests : Ron Bates, August 10th, 1939 - July 31st, 2007

7 years ago, in August of 2000, Hayley and I went on a trip to help at an orphanage in Romania. This orphanage was run by a missionary couple named Ron & Sue Bates. It was quite an eye-opening trip as we saw the terrible orphan epidemic in Romania. The Bates were an older couple, coming to Romania after their retirement. They where compelled by the great needs in Romania and began feeding street children and helping the blind. Eventually mothers would bring their babies to the Bates to take care of and they were moved with compassion to open up their home to these children. Eventually so many children where living with them that they decided to buy land and start a children's home called 'Inasmuch' - click here.

A vivid memory I have from our trip is feeding the street children soup downtown Bucharest, in the shadow of Nicolae Ceau┼čescu's palace. Orphans and street children invited Hayley down into the sewers to see where they slept. I was a bit nervous but Hayley climbed down to get a first hand look at the horrible conditions. It's something I will never forget. I'm very thankful for my time in Romania and for the Bates' ministry.

Yesterday I received word that Ron Bates had passed away. In the letter sent by Sue she mentions his work with the street children but also his work and love for the Gypsies of Romania:
His greatest ministry was with the gypsies. Ron’s gift was preaching the gospel and expounding God's word, he loved God's word and always appreciated the hungry, open heart of the gypsy Christians. He frequented the village of Goloshei and because of his great love for them and their common love for the Lord Jesus he wants to be buried in that village, so Thursday we will celebrate his home going.
Please pray for Sue, their ministry, the orphans and Romania

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