Friday, August 03, 2007

John Tory loves Thorncliffe!

Can you smell it? It's in the air. Burgers and hot dogs in Thorncliffe Park! That means it's election time soon! Ontario Conservative Leader John Tory is running in *our* riding and I've been fairly impressed that he gives two hoots about Thorncliffe Park. On John's blog he states:
Saturday afternoon saw a huge picnic in Thorncliffe Park, perhaps one of the most multicultural, multilingual neighbourhoods in all of Ontario, at the very heart of my new riding of Don Valley West
Johnny not only made an appearance at the Neighbours Night out, he actually went to the back of one of the apartment buildings (#65) to put on this barbeque. Hopefully through this election Mr. Tory will be able to shine more light on this forgotten area of the city. Jerry Bolton was there and took some pics. :


Anonymous said...

Yes, John loves Thorncliffe so much that he spends barely an hour with them, invites them to a "John Tory BBQ", not a "Dolly Dossa" BBQ from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, but doesn't show up until after 1:30 and leaves at 2:30. And, he makes people wait in line in the hot sun for up to an hour and a half for burgers. And his volunteers yell at kids who are playing and then join their moms in line for food.

If I'm hosting a BBQ for 3 hours, I'm there for the entire 3 hours. Mr. Tory missed out on meeting many wonderful Thorncliffe residents who were wondering when he was going show up but couldn't wait around all day.

If John Tory loves Thorncliffe so much, why does he park his campaign bus in the parking lot and leave it running for hours to keep it air conditioned while he drives around the corner to the mosque in a van? If John Tory loves Thorncliffe so much, why does he not even tell his local supporters that he is going to be at the mosque. Well, actually, he didn't even have the decency to inform the Imam of the mosque that he was planning to attend Friday prayers. Then he complained that he was neither acknowledged nor give a chance to speak.

If John Tory loves Thorncliffe, why isn't attending meetings on the issues residents are facing daily? There are plenty of them but he has yet to attend any.

No. John Tory doesn't love Thorncliffe. The only reason he is in Thorncliffe on any given day is because he's desperate for votes. He's a "johnny-come-lately" as far as Thorncliffe - and Flemingdon - are concerned.

Kathleen Wynne on the other hand not only loves the community, but the community loves her. She has worked hard for 4 years to build relationships, to understand the issues, and to work with the residents to come up with solutions together.

John Tory picked Kathleen Wynne to run against because he as afraid to run in his own riding of Toronto-Centre Rosedale where he knew he would never be able to beat George Smitherman. John Tory says he wants more women in government yet he chooses to run against a well respected and hard-working female!

Well, Mr. Tory, you may have thought running against Kathleen would be a cakewalk. Kathleen is going to win in Don Valley West because she is truly a person who cares about the community and is committed to the community.

Anonymous said...

I forgot one thing. The reason he went to the back of 65 is because the owner of the building is supporting him. An owner who is a bad landlord. An owner who is going to threaten residents while she is canvassing for John Tory.