Friday, August 31, 2007

Thorncliffe bomb scare

The past few mornings we've been doing practice runs with our kids, getting them ready for school. They brush their teeth, put on their shoes, get their backpacks and we try to get to the school by the 8:50AM starting time. This worked wonderfully this morning and we arrived at least 10 minutes early. Lukas had to use the washroom so we found an open door and the teachers let us in.

While inside an announcement came over the PA system : "PLEASE EXIT THE BUILDING. EVERYONE MUST LEAVE THE BUILDING"

We thought this was strange and wondered what the commotion was, only to find out the police were at the local Esso station trying to contain a bomb.

Right now I'm sitting here in Dave's apartment looking at 3 helicopters circling the neighbourhood. More details soon. I've seen CTV, CBC and City so perhaps all of you know more than us.

So if you're planning on coming tonight to break bread with us you might have to get past some police tape. Thorncliffe Park Drive and Overlea blvd are currently blocked off. We'll keep you posted!

**UPDATE** 12:21PM

Looks like this is the lead story on every news station. CTV, 680news etc. The police have removed the bomb from the Esso here in our area and are taking it downtown to detonate or defuse it. All southbound lanes of the Don Valley Parkway are closed as the bomb is transported to an area on the shore of Lake Ontario.

**UPDATE 2** 12:31PM

I've uploaded a picture from the CTV website of the robot that was sent in to grab the bombs out of the car

**UPDATE 3** 1:21PM

I think this is all over now, they have re-opened our street and the bomb is on down the DVP. The Toronto Star has a report, as well as The Globe and Mail, The National Post as well as the Terrosim Research Center?? and a local Canadian blogger who claims the accused letter-bomber is a Lebanese immigrant

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