Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday prayer reqeuests - Josh in Africa!

My friend Josh Duffy will be heading over to Africa soon with Iris Ministries!! Currently he's camped out in good old PEI after finishing up Bible school. Josh sent out this update earlier in the week:
In the first few months of my ministry in Africa I will be helping to staff a Missions School in Mozambique with Iris Ministries, this school will be raising up African missionaries who will reach their own people; Later in the year I plan to minister in Sudan, where the work is much more raw and pioneering. Children and evangelism are two of the main focus points there. These are exciting times for me as I venture out toward the call of God on my life.
Exciting indeed!! Let's pray for Josh and support him as he heads out (donations can be made through Iris Ministries - click here). May many more young people take risks like this to help those in need!

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