Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thieves and vandals in Thorncliffe

Breaking news from Thorncliffe - click here.
Over the three-day Victoria Day weekend, a number of businesses and homes were targeted by culprits. A construction trailer on Jamieson Bone Road was entered sometime over the weekend and a Yamaha generator and a Stihl circular saw were stolen.

A garage on Thorncliffe Drive was entered and a cordless drill, battery charger and a grass trimmer were taken...
Huh? A garage...wait a minute, there are no garages in Thorncliffe, it's all high-rises....lemme read that article again....
...Solar lights, a bird feeder and a large metal heron were damaged over the weekend at a Sumac Terrance home. Police say the metal heron was bolted to a nearby rock, however, the vandals managed to remove it and left the item lying on the lawn of the home.
...oh wait a minute it was Thorncliffe Drive in Bellville! Yikes, sounds like a rough place to live. I'd hate for my kids to grow up in that neighbourhood. Maybe people in Bellville should move to Thorncliffe Park drive where it's safe :) No bird feeder vandalism here!

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