Sunday, April 29, 2007

The sayings of Lukas v35 - Heaven

Every meal time I read Bible stories to the kids. We have a children's picture Bible and it's lots of fun to go through the stories with them. They quite enjoy it, but lately they've been really keen as we try to finish up the whole thing!

Well this morning we finished!! At the very end of the Bible there is a picture of Heaven and how great it is, and we were talking about who can get into heaven. Lukas was saying that he doesn't do many bad things, but I reminded him that we all do bad things, and that it's about Jesus taking the punishment for our bad things on the cross and us choosing to believe in him that gets us into heaven. I told the boys that I couldn't make them choose to believe in Jesus, and they have to make that decision for themselves. Lukas piped up:

Lukas: I'm going to make that decision!
Shawn: That's great Lukas
Lukas: Well not now...after I get my factory!!

I had a good laugh at this because Lukas has this fixation with owning a factory. Hopefully he won't put it off for that long :) Jesus told a story about people who put off believing in Him because of lame excuses. Hopefully none of us put off making that decision to believe in Jesus and assure ourselves of a place in heaven. Any one of us can make that decision today - believe in Jesus, have your sins forgiven and be sure of heaven. What are you waiting for?

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