Sunday, April 08, 2007

Xristos Anesti!!

Happy Easter everyone! Tonight I strolled out in front of our building at midnight to witness the Greek Orthodox Easter celebration at St. Demetrios here in Thorncliffe. It brought back alot of memories of when we lived in Athens, except they didn't have any fireworks here :) The street was completely packed out, which kept the parking ticket attendant busy. Greeks with candles lined the streets greeting each other and making the sign of the cross.

Easter was extra special for us this year because our Greek friends Alex & Joann Macris are here staying with us this weekend! We've had loads of fun staying up late and catching up on what God is doing in Greece. Alex & Joann are missionaries in Greece with Hellenic Ministries. They take the boat called The Morning Star from island to island unlocking the truth of the gospel for the Orthodox faithful who still haven't found the Jesus painted on their church walls.

So tonight I wanted to bid you all a Greek Easter greeting:

Christos Anesti!!! Happy Easter!!! Jesus is risen!!!

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