Friday, September 01, 2006

Video of the week + Wednesday prayer requests - Chester Le Kev

Today (Friday, not Wednesday) I was getting lunch at Dominoes Pizza. I had to wait for a few minutes and noticed their delivery map, blown up and pasted on the wall. The map was divided into different sections, but what caught my attention was a street that had been squiggled out by a marker. I looked closer, wondering what street this was and if it was an error on the map. It was no error, it was Chester Le - the government housing area across the street from the chapel.

I asked the Dominoes employee why it was crossed out and he told us that there had already been 2 robberies of Dominoes employees in this area since the store opened in June. Dominoes no longer deliveres in Chester Le.

This past Sunday 9 youth from Chester Le were at the Family Bible Hour. One of the youth who sat next to me is on house arrest. This area is troubled because there really isn't anything to do. No community center, one basketball court near a tiny park and lots of dark of which is even nicknamed "darkside". This past week I noticed that some of the corridors and walkways between the houses had new steel bars installed. One guy commented that it would ruin hide and seek games.

Please pray for this area. Pray that our assembly would continue to be a light to this community. Two of our key youth who have been coming out to church for over a year have moved. I had mentioned in a previous blog entry about "Cookie" who moved to St. Catherines and is attending Brockview Bible Chapel with his family. However another one of our guys, Kevin, moved away just 3 weeks ago.

This is very difficult for us. Kevin had been coming to church since he was about 10 and was the spiritual leader of the group. He was part of the "level 4" group, which we took to a number of events, including the airport with Gary Weeks. We had recently connected him with a "coach" who he really enjoyed. It's sad to even type this as I think that we may never see him again. Here's to you Kevin:

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Anonymous said...

shawn is the best thing that ever happened to the church. I've went to bridel grove for a long time and since shawn came it been a good experience. i have found myself more stronger in christianity and i have felt love from shawn and his family. chester le isnt a bad place its just that a few people gives it the bad name.if shawn doesnt stay at the church chester le would be more curupted. yea yea just pray for me still cause i didnt find a chruch to go to yet but am looking. i will see you guys still. shawn take care of my bredrins still lead them. i will see you guys soon still. shawn keep doing what your doin and take care of halie.