Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday's hot topics - Money

Well folks, this past week has been so hectic I haven't really checked in to see what's hot on the discussion forum. The BrethrenPedia continues to be hot though, gaining contributors worldwide who are adding bits of information about their local churches. Today instead of focusing on those two sites I wanted to touch on a pretty hot personal topic - money. Yikes, talk about a taboo! If you don't talk about it everyone thinks you're fine, but if you talk about it too much everyone thinks you're begging.

To avoid both of these extremes I've managed to load a few donation buttons on the left side of the blog under the "To support our ministry" section. Lots of ministries and ministers put little donations buttons like this on their sites, actually it was from one of those sites that I learned how to set it up! Naturally the first way you can support us is through prayer, but for those of you who just keep bugging us about how to send money here are the new shiny buttons:

Or if you don't have paypal, just send a donation our way via credit card and we'll make sure our 3 kids are full of food:

Hot stuff! Thanks for enduring that everyone. For the record, this post has absolutely no connection to the fact that I was watching The Apprentice when I posted it :)

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