Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November loggin in

30Nov05- Wed - MAC christian fellowship
29Nov05- Tues
28Nov05- Mon- chapel office
22Nov05-Olivia! - in hospital till Friday
21Nov05- Mon-Zoo, chapel, hayley in labour
20Nov05- Sun-BofB, FBH with 5 (Clayon, Kevin, jamoy, deshawn, nabil[first])
19Nov05- Sat-Feast with 5 (Clayon, Kevin, Jamoy, Deshawn, Frank)
16Nov05-18Nov05 - Mosaic Conference@Queensway
12Nov05- Sat - Missionary Breakfast intro, present, pray. CRUX meeting. Hayley at funeral
11Nov05- Fri - Raptors game with 41
10Nov05- Thurs- raptors planning
09Nov05- Wed-Bible study at D.Sutherlands with Clayon, Jamoy
08Nov05- Tues-raptors planning
07Nov05- Mon-raptors planning
06Nov05- Sun- BofB, FBH with 7 (Cookie, Kellz, Jamoy, Kevin, Clayon, Novella, Glenda), 5 over for lunch, Lorrie Fish 50th, evening meeting at Markham
05Nov05- Sat- Feast
04Nov05- Fri- new furnace@house, 25@youth, Brian Doyle spoke, 4 over after (clayon, kevn, cookie, josh)
03Nov05- Thurs- 9AM - read to daycare kids, 50 tracts@MAC,
02Nov05- Wed - 9AM - prayer with Max, CRUX video>Nigel&Greg. Visit Chester Le
01Nov05- Tues - fix car

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