Saturday, November 26, 2005

And the winner is....

For the past 6 months now, we've been taking entries on the forum for something we like to call 'The Cuthill baby pool'. This little contest is the brainchild of Wayne Mayo, who began in a little room in Charlottetown jotting down a few guesses about when our 2nd son Sylas would be born. He wrote down what date everyone thought, gener, weight and time of arrival. The original contest was basically for friends and family, and my sister Melissa ended up winning the first one, and receiving the prize...Sylas' umbilical cord! She still has it to this day, and cherishes the sweetness of that victory.

This time around we opened up the baby pool to our regular visitors here on the athensBlog. More participants, more entries, but the same coveted umbilical cord! Well not the same one, but you get the idea. On the left margin we posted a little graphic making it possible for folks to enter. And enter they did! Over 50 contestants competed valiantly, but at the end of the day there can only be one winner!

So ladies & gentleman it's fitting at this time to announce the winner of the 3rd Cuthill baby pool:

LEAH MACLEOD!! (who happens to by my wonderful sister-in-law, and Wayne Mayo's daughter)

Let me say that it was a very close contest this time around, but Leah beat out all contenders by skillfully predicting the details of Olivia's arrival a full 4 months in advance! Leah predicted a girl, on Nov. 17th, weighing in at 9lbs 6oz and she also had the time right by specifying between 5:30AM-6:30AM. Congratulations Leah! Expect shipment of the umbilical chord prize within 7-10 business days depending on when it falls off :)

She narrowly beat out our second place finisher Joanna Garner from St. Catherines! . Joanna also predicted a girl, at 5:33AM weighing 9lbs 2oz, and had November 14th.

In third place is Dina Robert who picked a girl, Nov. 21, 9lbs 2oz and 8:34AM.

Honourable mention goes to Paul Roides, Bobbie Easton and Doug Jones - however their entries came past the cut-off date within one week of the date of birth. Still their prophetic skills are to commended! Perhaps the gift of prophesy has not ceased after all :)

Finally I'd like to thank everyone for participating! Although everyone can't be a winner, we can all share in the joy of watching a new life grow.

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