Monday, January 05, 2009

The sayings of Lukas v44 - Obama

Ahhh welcome to 2009. The year of Obama. To start the year off right I thought I'd share an experience I had over Christmas. Lukas & I went to Swiss Chalet for some father-son bonding time. Football games were on the TV. Quarter chickens were warm and tasty. Then our discussion took an interesting turn:

Daddy: Look at that catch by the football player Lukas
Lukas: Daddy, (frowning) stop watching TV!
Daddy: but Luke did you see that catch? It was amazing, he dove and caught it in...
Lukas: Daddy! If you don't stop watching TV I'm going to tell Obama to destroy all computers and TVs in the world!!
Daddy: huh?
Lukas: Obama will listen to me!! So stop it!

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