Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Afghan discourse" in Thorncliffe

Interesting article in the Globe & Mail about challenges facing afghan youth in Thorncliffe:
As an Afghan-born youth living in Toronto, Nadera Ahmadi leads a hectic life. The 22-year-old attends York University full time, works part time in a big grocery store, and lives with her parents and family members in a small apartment in Thorncliffe Park.

But on a recent evening, she still took time to join about 30 young people in the basement of a local community centre to hash out a touchy subject: Should young people correct their parents on cultural issues?

The debate, moderated by a new grassroots forum known as the Afghan Discourse, touched on typical intergenerational conflicts. But for Afghans struggling to find work and adapt here, sometimes tensions erupt between tradition-minded parents and children lured to the wrong crowd.

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